HEALTH & COMFORT Lagnesh in own amsa infl by benefic – good health Lagnesh with evil planet, or in eight – health suffer (not if benefic aspects) Lagnesh in Lagna with Dushtana lord – body complaints Lagnesh weak and Malefic in Lagna – body suffer from disease Lagnesh weak in Good house also health suffer Pakesh in dushtana – sickly constitution


Weak graha in rasi/amsa/ lord of dushtana – lack of bodily comforts

Lagnesh in Lagna – sound health

Lagnesh in 8th in dry sign – great bodily suffering

Malefics in Lagna, and lagnesh in weak position – bad health

Lagnesh in good bhava but weak – ailing

Powerful benefic in Lagna – strong constitution

Pakesh in dushtana – weak constitution Lagnesh in dusthana with malefic – destroy bodily health Lagnesh weak and mal in Lagna – sickly

BODILY PROBLEMS/AILMENTS/DEFECTS Lagnesh in malefic rasi in Malefics in Kendra gives defect Lagnesh with malefic and dushtana – obscure in body Rahu in Lagna – fears from deception & thieves (when Sani aspects also cheats and rulers) Mangal in 5th or 9th aspected by malefics – without limb Lagnesh with Mangal in Lagna – wound or sore in head by sword, if Sani by falls, rocks Node in Lagna, Lagnesh in dusthana – suffer privation of limb

Venus in Sani sign – foul smell

Sani or Rahu in L – person suffer from devils Surya in L, Kuja aspects – asthma, consumption, spleen or anus problem Mars in L, Sun&Sani aspects – struck with weapons

Lagnesh in 12th infl by malefic – need stick to walk

Wanning Moon + Mangal in dushtana – lost to shame

Ketu in L, malefic aspects – evil spirits Lagnesh weak – dull (not if benefics aspects) BODY DESCRIPTIONS Powerful benefic in Lagna – strong constitution Sushka planet in Lagna, or Sushka Rasi in L, LL with Sushka planet or occupy bhava of this – body emanciated, Jala – stout Navamsa Lagnesh, powerful planet in L, Chandramsa – features of person

2L strong kendra – smiling look TRAVEL/PLACE OF WEALTH/FORTUNE Lagna and Lagnesh, Navamsa Lagna chara rasi – traveller (and also wealth taker in foreign) Chara rasi of L/LL and drsti planet – fortune in foreign country Lagnesh in good bhava yuti benefic – ease in travel Lord of 12H from Lagnesh strong – be in born place ROYAL Strength of Lagna gives – longlife, command others, respect, happines Lagna aspected by Lagnesh – king, wealthy Two benefic aspects – happy, all benefic – king, three in Lagna – good kings, FAME Lagnesh and Karmesh parivartan benefic drsti – good reputation Lagnesh exalted – person is very dignified in behaviour

Lagnesh strong in benefic amsa in good bhava, inf by benefic – fame

Tenth lord in Lagna – famous Lagnesh in 5th or 9th or yuti this lords gives famous father Third lord in Lagna or Mars with 3L – famous brother

PERIODS Lagnesh with benefics – hapiness from childhood (evil aspect – no hapiness) Many malefics in Lagna – miserable throughout life Lagnesh vargotam, exalted amsa, or strong drekkan or yuti benefic – always happy QUALITIES/MORALITY Wanning Moon + Mangal in dushtana – lost to shame Lagnesh in sixth in malefic rasi with sani – sudra, ra/ke – chandala/low person Lagna auspicious aspected by benefics – happy from birth

Several malefics in Lagna – always unhappy

Forth house infl. By malefic – cheater (benefic – honest) Papakartatri on forth house – dishonest Forth lord powerful, 4L in benefic shastyamsa – sincere Lagnesh aspected by ben in 4H – not crafty Lagnesh strong – honest Guru in Lagna aspected by Shukra – pure heart Moon and Sun in 4 – cunning first then honest Rahu in forth infl by malefic – honest outwardly but cunning Malefic from karakamsa – bold, benefic – coward Mangal in 1/10 / daytime birth – short temper Weak mangal 1/7 – short temper Ketu in third – quarrelsome

Lagnesh in forth or forth in Lagnesh – tolerant Forth lord powerful – forgiving Benefic in forth – forgiving Navamsa Lagna in ge/vi – humour, joyful Lagnesh in sixth as Buddha – malicious Ra and Sa in 9 from Karakamsa – against Guru Weak Lagnesh – treacher Ketu or Gulika in Karakamsa – thief Venus in own amsa lustful Venus in own or Gemini or 7 – lustful Malefic aspects Venus – sexy Ma with Ve (with 6L guru)– sexual appetite Moon and Sani in forth – little semen. Impotent Jupiter in Lagna , Mangal in seventh – madness/insane Ketu in 2 – aging before time Jupiter with Rahu asp by Mal – low caste Jupiter in fall/fall amsa – low born Lagnesh with Sani- inactive Lagnesh weak – inactive

Dhanesh in Ken / Kon with benefic or yuti male graha – good speaker Jupiter in amsa of Buddha – eloquent Jupiter Vargotam yuti benefic – eloquent LUCK & FORTUNE Weak Lagnesh – unlucky & addict Weak Lagnesh – unlucky & indulgent Strong Lagnesh – lucky & free from vice Benefic in ninth – lucky OTHER/REST 6L Shukra or Guru OR buddha yuti benefic– like sweet food Two malefics in sixth from AK – agriculture Lagna show all good and evil Parivartan L and 9L – lucky

Lagnesh papakartari – dread enemies

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