Official statement from the Management of Syopz Mall in response to the blog post by Juana Jaffar.

SYOPZ MALL TAKES ACTION ON NEGLIGENCE We would like to thank the participants and organisers of WUPID 2012 for their intervention into the unfortunate incident that happened on 1 December 2012 at Recezz Foodcourt, Syopz Mall. It is most regrettable that despite the presence of extensive Emergency Response Procedures at Syopz Mall, individual apathy towards a fellow human being in distress resulted in the non-compliance of health and safety measures in that moment of need. The management of Syopz Mall is deeply saddened by the incident and corrective measures have been taken to ensure strict compliance to Syopz Mall's Emergency Response Procedures. A full investigation has been conducted and the Recezz foodcourt operator is apologetic and has taken full responsibility towards the act of negligence for this unfortunate incident. Although subjected to being suspended, the owner of the said food stall was remorseful on his part for having taken his staff's health situation for granted. He funded full hospitalization cost for the worker and she was also assigned two fellow colleagues to accompany her during her one week admission at the hospital. Her family was contacted and when they requested for her return to Indonesia, the owner made all necessary travel arrangements and further provided cash for their expenses. The worker has since returned to her family in Indonesia on 7 December, 2012 after she was discharged from the hospital. The Management of Syopz Mall would like to record our apologies to Taylors University for having been wrongly assumed as the responsible party of this unfortunate incident. Should you have any queries or feedback, please send them to Ms. Mary Naidu at Sheena A Chief Operating Officer Syopz Mall Management