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How to create a Wiki in Moodle

How to create a Wiki in Moodle

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Published by Tracy Almond
creating a Wiki in Moodle
creating a Wiki in Moodle

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Published by: Tracy Almond on Dec 10, 2012
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How do I create a Wiki in Moodle?

What is a Wiki?
Wiki-wiki means ‘very fast’ in Hawaiian. It is a great collaborative tool you can embed into Moodle to allow your students, or indeed anyone, to share ideas quickly, make comments and learn from each other. Here are some ideas: 1. students can work together on a story- they can write a sentence or paragraph each 2. plan staff meetings 3. use to gather feedback from lectures or to create lecture notes

Now, that’s great, but how do I put one into Moodle?
1. 2. 3. Click ‘Turn Editing On’. Go to the section in which you want to add the wiki. Click the "Add an activity or resource" link and choose Wiki.This will take you to the wiki settings page titled "Adding a new wiki".

4. Now give your wiki a name and a brief description

5. Wiki settings - here’s where you can specify the settings you want:

6. If you want to add more pages, add the name between double brackets eg ((new page)) - now click on ‘save’.

That’s all there is to it!

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