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City Council

1. Salem High School Golf Team Consider adoption of Resolution 1217 commending the Salem High School Golf Team for winning the 2012 State AA, Golf Championship. Miscellaneous Fees Consider adopting Resolution 1218 establishing various miscellaneous fees.
(Audit-Finance Committee)



Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Receive presentation from the Director of Finance regarding the Comprehensive Financial Report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. (Audit
Finance Committee)


Boards and Commissions Consider appointments to fill vacancies on various boards and commissions
Audit-Finance Committee meeting, Monday, December 10, 2012, 8:00a.m., City Managers Conference Room Work Session, Monday, December 10, 2012, 6:30p.m., City Managers Conference Room

Reception in honor of School Board Member, Cindy Neathawk, and the State Champion Salem High School Golf Team, Monday, December 10, 2012, 7:00p.m., Council Chambers

Monday, December 10, 2012, 7:30p.m.

Council Chambers, City Hall, 114 North Broad Street