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13 BCG CLI Script The BCG CLI script enables Import, Export and Activation operations to be perfor med

from the command line interface. Any activities performed using the GUI may be performed using this script, with appropriate parameters and arguments. This path for BCG CLI script is: /opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/bin/. 13.1 Syntax In order to use BCG CLI script, users must be logged in and have appropriate use r privileges. The usage string displays the script syntax. Using standard script notation, opt ional parameters are enclosed in square brackets [ ], and alternative multiple a rguments are separated by the | symbol. For example, the parameter -s, is option al and may be used in one of the following formats: -s ba or -s bo or -s bn or s bs. The usage string is as follows: usage: ./ -h|-help ./ g <file> ./ -e <file | URL> [ -d <r|t|b> | <:moc_filter | filter_file>] [-s <ba|bo|bs|bn> <level>] [-v] [-repo rt <file>] [-n FDN FDN2 ...] ./ -i <file | URL> [-p plan][-v] [-report <file>] ./ -a <plan> [-startTime <yyyy-MM-ddhh:mm:ss> [-abortAtPreche ckFailure <true|false>]] [-useRobustReconfig <true|false> [-configAdmCountdown < int 300-86400>]][-v] [-report <file>] [-v] [-report <file>] The usage string indicates that BCG CLI script may be used in one of the followi ng ways: ./ -h|-help OR ./ g <file> OR ./ -e <file | URL> [-d <r|t|b|><:moc_filter | filter_file>] [-s <ba|bo |bn|bs> <level>] [-v] [-report <file>] [-n <FDN1 FDN2 ...] OR ./ -i <file | URL> [-p <plan>] [-v] [-report <file>] OR ./ -a <plan> [-startTime <yyyy-MM-ddhh:mm:ss> [-abortAtPrecheckFailure <true|false>]] [-useRobustReconfig <true|false> [-configAdmCountdown <int 300-8 6400>]][-v] [-report <file>] Use of an invalid combination of parameters results in the display of an appropr iate exit code in the console. 13.2 Script Parameters and Arguments The BCG CLI script requires at least one parameter. The parameters determine whi ch function the script performs. Use optional parameters, where allowed by the s cript's syntax rules, to modify the default behavior of the script. 13.2.1 Parameters At least one parameter must always be used with the BCG CLI script. The acceptab le BCG CLI script parameters are: -h|-help Use any of the help parameters with the BCG script to display the u sage string, as shown in Section 13.1. OR -e Use this parameter to perform an export operation using the BCG script. T his parameter must be followed by a mandatory file | URL argument, a well formed URL or file name. Optional parameters: the domain parameter -d, the scope param eter -s, the verbose parameter -v, the report parameter, -report and the FDN par ameter, -n, may be used with the export parameter.

OR -i Use this parameter to perform an import operation using BCG CLI script. T his parameter must be followed by a mandatory file | URL argument, specifying th e import xml file. The -i parameter may optionally be followed by the following parameters: plan, -p , verbose -v , report -report. OR g Use this parameter to specify a file containing operation parameters. If a full file path is not specified, the script uses the custom filter path ( see Se ction 11.3) as the default. The file may contain parameters necessary to perform Bulk Configuration CLI operations, that is, export, import and activation. Only a file argument that points to a valid file, can be used with this parameter. E ach command must be on a separate line in this file. OR -a Use this parameter to perform an activation of a planned configuration. T his parameter must be followed by a mandatory plan argument, specifying an exist ing planned configuration. Any parameter used with the BCG script, that does not match any of these activit ies, causes an error message and the usage string to displayed. 13.2.2 Optional Parameters and Arguments A number of optional script parameters may be used to further modify the default behavior of the script: -p Use the plan parameter, -p, (always followed by the plan argument) to den ote the planned configuration that the operation is performed on. -report Use the report parameter, -report, (always followed by the file argu ment) to define the location where the report file is written to. The report fil e contains the information that is output to the console for the CLI operation. The default report location is: var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/. -d r|t|b|:moc_filter|filter_file Use the domain parameter, -d, to refine the scope of an export operation. Use the domain parameter to limit the export to s pecific MO types: r radio or t transport, or b, both moc_filter managed object c lass and filter_file a filter file. When a managed object class filter is used, only the named MO class, and any child MOs it contains, are exported. A filter f ile parameter only exports the MOs types listed in the argument file (including all contained child MOs). -s ba|bs|bo|bn <level> Use the scope parameter, -s, to set the scope require ments. Use the following arguments with this parameter: ba - Base All: This scope includes the starting point MO and all MOs bel ow it. With this argument, any specified level argument is ignored. bo - Base Only: This scope includes only the starting point MO. With thi s argument, any specified level argument is ignored. bn - Base N: This scope only includes MOs that are exactly n levels belo w the starting point MO, n being the value specified in the level argument. bs - Base Sub-Tree: This scope includes the starting point MO and all MO s below it down to the specified level from Sub-tree level 1. level - An integer value representing the number of levels to be include d in the scope. -v Use the verbose mode parameter, -v, to switch verbose mode on or off. If verbose mode is on, more detailed log information is displayed in the console. I f verbose mode is switched off, BCG CLI script runs in silent mode and only disp lays severe warnings. -n FDN1 FDN2 Use the FDN parameter -n, to identify the start point MO for a

BCG CLI operation. plan Use the plan argument with the, activate -a, import -i or plan -p, para meters, to identify the planned configuration for the operation. The planned con figuration must exist for use with the export and activate parameters. file | URL Use the file | URL argument to specify the file as one of the fol lowing: A file name A file path An FTP location The BCG application uses default locations, described in, Section 10 and Sec tion 11, defined by a Managed Component parameter, for import and export files. The default location is determined by the BCG script by reading the system param eters. All files used with BCG script must be well formed, valid XML files. If a file name only is specified, the script expects to find the file in the relevant default location. If an absolute path to a file, elsewhere on the file system, is specified, the file is automatically copied to the relevant default location. If an FTP location is specified, the file is automatically copied to t he default location. The file location specified is validated by the BCG script to ensure that: If it is a preexisting file, that it can be written to or read from OR If it does not already exist, that it can be created (export case only) -startTime <yyyy-MM-ddhh:mm:ss> Use the parameter startTime to specify the ti me for activating a plan. The time should be specified in the format yyyy-MM-ddh h:mm:ss and this time should not be earlier than the current time. -abortAtPrecheckFailure <true|false> Use the parameter abortAtPrecheckFailure to specify whether the activation should be stopped or allowed to continue in t he case of precheck failure. This parameter can contain the value of either true or false. If abortAtPrecheckFailure is set to true then the activation stops if a prec heck failure is encountered. If abortAtPrecheckFailure is set to false, or is not included in the command , then the activation continues even if there are Network Elements that failed t he pre-check. 13.2.3 CLI Examples The following examples illustrate parameter and argument usage. Using the -g Command The commands shown in Example 4, are contained in a file. This file may be used with the -g parameter as shown in Example 5. BCG CLI script processes the file c ontents and interprets the contained commands, exporting transport domain MOs fr om RNC03 to the export file ExportFile.xml. Example 4 Sample Command File -e /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/ExportFile.xml -d t -n SubNe twork=ONRM_ROOT_MO_R, SubNetwork=RNC03,MeContext=RNC03 Note: Each command must be on a separate line in the file. Example 5 Sample Usage ./ -g /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/ files/export/ExportCommandF ile.xml Using the -e Command The BCG script CLI command in Example 6, exports radio domain MOs from the valid configuration, starting with the FDN: RNC03. The resultant export file, ExportF ile.xml, is stored in the directory /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/ex port/.

Example 6 Sample Export ./ -e /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/ExportFile.xml -d r -n SubNetwork=ONRM_ROOT_MO_R, SubNetwork=RNC03,MeContext=RNC03 The BCG script CLI command in Example 7 exports radio domain MOs from the Networ k Elements RNC03 and RNC02. The resultant export file, Export_MultipleNE.xml is stored in the default export file directory: /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/ Example 7 Sample MultipleNetwork Elementexports ./ -e Export_MultipleNE.xml -d r -n SubNetwork=ONRM_ROOT_MO_R,SubNetwo rk=RNC03,MeContext=RNC03 SubNetwork=ONRM_ROOT_MO_R,SubNetwork=RNC02,MeContext=RN C02 Using the -i Command The BCG script CLI command in Example 8 imports the contents of TestImport.xml i nto the planned configuration TestImportConfiguration. The report file, TestImpo rtReportFile.txt for this operation is stored in the directory /var/opt/ericsson /nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/import/importreports/. Example 8 Sample Import ./ -i /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/import/TestImport.xml -p TestImportConfiguration -v -report /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/ logs/import/importreports/TestImportReportFile.txt Using the -a Command The BCG script CLI command in Example 9 activates the TestImportConfiguration pl anned configuration. The report file, ActivatePlanReportFile.txt for this operat ion is stored in the directory: /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/. Example 9 Sample Activation ./ -a TestImportConfiguration -v -report /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wr an_bcg/ logs/ActivatePlanReportFile.txt The BCG script CLI command in Example 10 schedules the activation of the TestImp ortConfiguration planned configuration at the date/time specified (10th Nov 2008 at 20 Hrs). The activation of the plan stops if the pre-check fails since abortAtPrecheckFai lure is set to true. The report file for this operation is stored in the directory: /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/ Example 10 Sample Scheduled Activation ./ a TestImportConfiguration startTime 2008-11-1020:00:00 -abortAtPreche ckFailure true v report /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/ logs/ScheduledActivat ePlanReportFile.txt ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ===========================================

/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/bin/ No arguments were specified! Usage: ./ -h|-help ./ -g <file> ./ -e <file | URL> [-d <r|t|b> | <:moc_filter | filter_file>] [ -s <ba|bo|bs|bn> <level>] [-v] [-report <file>] [-n FDN1 FDN2 ...] [-time date <

yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss>|hr <int 1-24>] [-c] ./ -i <file | URL> [-p <plan>] [-v] [-molock] [-report <file>] ./ -a <plan> [-startTime <yyyy-MM-ddhh:mm:ss> [-abortAtPrecheck Failure <true|false>]] [-useRobustReconfig <true|false> [-configAdmCountdown <in t 300-86400>]] [-v] [-report <file>]

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2 unlocked false undefined 10 /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/expor /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/expor /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/impor /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/sessi /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/export /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/import /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/sessio false 0 true true 20 false 25 5 3600 /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/export true 10 false true /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/expor 86400000 /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/logs/import 3600 1000 900 10 1 wran_bcg_mc wran_bcg /opt/ericsson/nms_umts_bcg_meta/dat 2 3 5 128 ONRM_RootMo_R

mgwqueuesize mgwwaittime minThreads mscqueuesize mscwaittime notificationSendAttempts notificationSendInterval onLine operationalState owner processxmlfile rahNotifConnPacingInterval rahNotifConnTimeTick rbsqueuesize rbswaittime retrySynchingNodes rncwaittime runningState rxiqueuesize rxiwaittime selfTestAvailableCommon selfTestAvailableSpecific sessionCacheLifeTime sgsnqueuesize sgsnwaittime startOrder status stnqueuesize stnwaittime stopOrder systemLogLevel tdrbswaittime tdrncwaittime tempFilesMonitorPeriod threadMonitorPeriod traceAvailableCommon traceAvailableSpecific traceStatus transactionSize transactionTimeOut transactiontimeoutvalue usageState useConversion userFilterFiles t/userfilters userLabel waitTimeForCStoReturn

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