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Build Success Habits

Build Success Habits

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Published by Kat Zapanta
Everyone has heard that changing your life, when broken down, comes down to changing your habits. And it takes 21 days, of daily commitment to new activities, to make them lasting habits.
Everyone has heard that changing your life, when broken down, comes down to changing your habits. And it takes 21 days, of daily commitment to new activities, to make them lasting habits.

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Published by: Kat Zapanta on Dec 10, 2012
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Build Success Habits

http://www.empowernetwork.com/epicduo/blog/build- success- habits?id=epicduo December 10, 2012

Everyone has heard that changing your life, when broken down, comes down to changing your habits. And it takes 21 days, of daily commitment to new activities, to make them lasting habits. Well, one thing people don’t consider is that negative thinking is a HABIT as well. And it’s a pretty bad and depressing habit, so why not work to change it? Wouldn’t it be better to live life with happiness and excitement? There will always be challenges, but why not approach those with a positive mind and a willingness to accept that your attitude can change a bad situation into a a potential challenge that will make you stronger, better and more able to tackle the world? It’s an opportunity to say: “BRING IT.” Well, this is all well and good but how does this break down on a daily basis. Personal development is a nice thought but what does it really mean? Well, coming from my perspective – having undergone a personal transformation and developing a passion for health and fitness, I have come to understand that it is really about personal development. In order to create any new and lasting changes in your life – whether it’s changing how you look, how you feel or tackling new projects – they take a daily commitment to building new habits. If you are trying to change something that has been around a long time in your life – like being overweight for a long time for example – then it does take a lot of effort but it if you break it down to daily activities and commitments, it becomes more easily actionable.

It can be done, it may feel daunting but by keeping things simple, sticking to new daily habits and commitments, anything is possible. Well, tied into that is also being proud of what you have achieved in your life up to this point – there is no use or effectiveness in beating yourself up over things! It’s much better for you to build yourself up – you have the ability to create positive selftalk, and why not? You live as YOU – why not help yourself be happy? Others can inspire or push you but there will be those that will always try to break you down. Just know that it has nothing to do with you – that’s their problem. So, f ocus on yourself ! Build yourself up! So, let’s talk about real ways that you can make this happen. I have my own experiences with this and have found certain things to really work in my own life – but I have also met other truly successful people, and there are some commonalities. It’s the day-to-day stuff – the daily activities that may seem so simple and easy, that people tend to think ‘that’s just too easy!’ Well, if it’s so easy, why not try it yourself and see the miracles that start to happen in your own life? You know the saying, when you’re grumpy and someone asks, ‘Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?’ Well, it has a lot of meaning. How do you wake up on the right side? Be aware that right before you fall asleep, and right when you wake, your mind is in an alpha state – this means that you are between being fully conscious and asleep. For those people that meditate, this is alpha state. Well, in alpha, you have less ‘protection’ from the conscious ability to classify and absorb information. It just goes right in there, into your subconscious – good or bad. The cool thing about your subconscious mind is that it does not judge – it just takes information in and uses it as truth. Well, this can be a really good thing but also a really bad thing – it comes down to how you condition yourself to think and believe and then those things become true, because you act on those beliefs in your life and they become HABITS. Well, imagine what would happen to your self-esteem and confidence if you were able to program

some positivity in there, knowing that you are most able to accept information like this, in alpha. Success Habit #1: Right before you sleep and right when you wake up, read something inspiring, positive and motivating. Whether it’s a sentence, paragraph or even if it’s music that is uplifting. Everyone has their own preference. One thing that works for me, is that I have written out quotes that I love – that inspire me! It’s a page and I read it right before sleep, and right when I wake up. It feels so good to start my day that way. And let’s get one thing clear here – Being cheesy is GOOD. Another habit, that Romeo and I have started in our life, is to eat breakfast together and before we eat, we both say three things we are thankful in our life. Gratefulness is actually one of the highest and best emotions one can feel – it leaves you feeling blessed, lucky and with a feeling of wonderment. Everyone has something to be thankful for in their life! No matter how seemingly big or small. Success Habit #2: Make it a habit, that in the morning, whether you do this with someone else or not, take 1-2 minutes and list three things you are thankful for in your life. It feels damn GOOD! And it’s a great way to start the day – not only for yourself, but those that come in contact with you. One thing I came across and have found very interesting is that, notice, when you feel bad, depressed or upset, your posture is just crappy. When you walk, you look down near your fee, and the mind sort of ‘goes inward’. Notice this about others as well – it’s like, a person becomes trapped within the sadness of their own mind and can no longer see the world in front of them. Success Habit #3: If you find that you feel down or ‘low’, notice your posture – how you sit, walk and move. If you notice that you are slouching and looking down when you walk, make it a conscious effort to stand up straight, bring your chest out and breathe and look around at the wonderful world around you. This actually accesses other parts of your brain, and this visual stimulation causes you to change your thoughts and shift focus from your ‘inward’ turmoil or negativity to outward possibilities. Another habit, Romeo and I have started is that at the end of the day, before we start eating dinner, we each list three things that have made that day Legendary. That’s a big word though – lol! That’s why it’s good to have fun with this – laughing is an amazing thing. I LOVE TO LAUGH. Well, listing the legendary things of the day, it’s funny how creative you can get – because it really doesn’t matter what it’s about, it’s just a matter of finding people, events, situations and small ‘happenings’ to be appreciative of. Success Habit #4: At the end of the day, take 2 minutes alone or with your family/friends, and list 3 things that made the day legendary - and be light hearted, have a good laugh and don’t take yourself so seriously. Finally, one last habit that has helped me to dramatically change my life, is be to proud of your achievements! There is no one else in the world like you – you have your own experiences, strengths, characteristics, accomplishments and beliefs. There is

no one else like you. There is something you can always find to be proud of! No matter how big or small, by focusing on these accomplishments, you can make dramatic changes over a period of time in your self-esteem and confidence. Success Habit #5: Be proud of yourself and think on it everyday. Trust me, more things will happen that you will be proud of because you will start to notice your commitment and resolve to changing your habits and it will allow you to feel even more accomplished! These habits can start quite a momentum in your life, and that’s the point of all this. When you start to implement habits such as these in your life, you will start to see dramatic changes in your approach to everything – and things will improve. This is personal development! Everyone has their own experiences with this and I would love to know some of your suggestions and comments on other positive success habits that can be done daily. What has worked for you? Hit the ‘Like’ button and leave some comments! I would love to hear from you and connect! Sending you lots of positivity from the beaches of Costa Rica! Kat

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