MEDIA RELEASE 11 December 12

The National Executive has today expelled former South Australian MLC Sandra Kanck from the Australian Democrats. The motion to expel Ms Kanck followed continued dissatisfaction with Ms Kanck’s attempts to close and/or merge the Australian Democrats with various population abatement groups that Ms Kanck heads or is affiliated with. Spokesperson for the National Executive Mr John Davey said that the action of the National Executive was taken as a last resort when Ms Kanck refused repeated requests to put appropriate distance between her activities amongst other special interest groups and the Democrats. “The crunch came last month when the Democrats’ National Executive issued Ms Kanck and others with notices to either choose the Democrats or choose the other groups they belong to. Ms Kanck and some others failed to respond to that notice.” “The most important principle we hold as Australian Democrats is to be beholden to no group or groups in the community” Mr Davey said. “We have seen what has happened to the reputation of the Australian Labor Party due to their affiliation with corrupt union officials”. “We have also seen what has happened to the Liberal National Party in Queensland, due to their close affiliation with big business.” “Over a number of months it has become apparent that Ms Kanck wanted to move the Democrats in a direction contrary to the wishes of membership. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reconcile those differences and so the time has regrettably come to part company with Ms Kanck” “On behalf of the Australian Democrats we wish to thank Ms Kanck for her years of service to the party – both as a Parliamentarian and long standing member of the party. We wish her and her family all the best in their feature endeavours.” Mr Davey concluded. For  further  information  please  contact  John  Davey  on  0401  262  852  


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