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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

Course Outline
Semester: Program: Course Title: Credit Hours: Course Instructor: Email: COURSE DESCRIPTION
This is a foundation course in finance, designed to develop the ability to use basic tools of analysis required by financial managers. Topics include cash flow analysis, ratio and performance analysis, and management of working capital and valuation techniques. Course objectives include: • To develop analytical approach to financial statements. • To equip students with adequate knowledge on business finances • To develop skills in

Fall 2012 BBA - 7th & 8th

Financial Statement Analysis
Three [3] shahab u din shahab@ciitwah.edu.pk

The course will be presented in 2 x 1.30 hour lectures per week for the duration of the semester. The lecture will involve the presentation of material by the lecturer, throughout which student participation and involvement is encouraged. Depending on the nature of the topic, students will also be given the opportunity in class to work through selected problems and cases both individually and in groups

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. student must go through the assigned readings before coming to the class Students are required to attend all the classes; minimum attendance requirement is 80%. They are fully responsible for the information missed in the class due to absence the class participation in the class Quizzes will be surprise in class quizzes and there will be no make-up for missed quizzes Students are required to write a project report on the working and impact of various International Financial Institutions on Pakistan’s economy

“Financial Statement Analysis” By Gibson (latest edition)

Reference Texts:
• • James C. Van Horne (2002) Financial Management & Policy, Twelfth Edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey USA “Financial Statement Analysis” By Jhon . J Waild.

Web pages http://www.oup.com/uk/orc/bin/9780199587414/01student/questions/

html http://faculty. Chapter Week 6 . Current Assets compared with Current liabilities. Price /Earnings Ratio. Degree of Conservatism and Quality of Financial Failure. Comprehensive Income. Book Value per share Stock Options ( Stock Based Compensation). Year to Year Change Analysis .Review and Analysis of Liquidity of ShortTerm Assets Debt Ratio Management Descriptive Information .accountingcoach. Procedure for the development of the statement of cash Flows.Forecasting by Charted Financial Analysis. Chapter end . and Leverage Analysis Operating leverage. Earnings per Common Share. Component of Analysis.alaska.studyfinance. Financial Accounting Financial Reporting and Analysis Standards. Types of Analysis.http://www.edu/afrfb/acct201/PracExams. Leverage and its Effects on Earnings. Cash flow statement Ratio analysis.Questions and Problem Income Statement Consideration when Determining Long term Debt paying Ability. Basic Concepts of GAAP. Form of Business Entities. Dividend payout Ratio.Questions and Problem Basic Elements of the statement of Cash of cash Flows.accountingformanagement. The Financial statements. current Liabilities and the Operating Cycle. Special Items that Influence a Firm’s Profitability Analysis and Leverage Analysis Market Analysis (Investors Analysis) long-term Debt-Paying Ability. Balance sheet Consideration when Determining Long term Debt paying Ability.Questions and Problem Current Assets.com/business/accounting-business-analysis-financial-reporting/401202 http://www. Chapter Week 7 .uaa.com/online-accounting-course/04Xpg01.Questions Expanded Analysis and Problem Financial Ratios as Perceived by Commercial banks.com/lessons/leverage/ IASplus.com CONTENT SUMMARY TOPICS Introduction/ Overview CONTENTS Introduction to Financial Report Introduction to Business Analysis.htm http://brainmass. Certified Public Accountants and Earnings . Balance sheet (Statement of Financial Position).Questions and Problem Profitability Measures. Restricted Stocks Statement of Cash Flow Analysis Chapter end . Corporate Controllers. Pro Forma Financial Information.Income statement.com/liquid_ratio. Percentage of Earnings Retained Market/Book Ratio. Analytical Review Week 12 Week 10-11 Week 8-9 Week 5 Week 4 Week 2-3 SESSIONS Week-1 Basic Analysis . Financial Leverage.cbpp. Trends in Profitability. Common Size Analysis ( Horizontal and Vertical ). Financial Ratios and the Statement of Cash Flows .htm http://www.

pp. Discriminant Analysis and the Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy Edward I. Assessment Task Quizzes Project/Assignmen t 1st sessional 2nd sessional Final Examination 2 hours Length 5 x 15 mins 200 – 400 words 1 hour 30 mins Weighting 10% 15% 10% 15% 50% Due Day and Time Various Weeks in Class In Week 12 Date announced University Date announced University by by During formal examination period SUBMISSION AND PROCESSING OF ASSIGNMENTS All submissions for assessment (unless otherwise directed by the Course Convenor) must be word processed with Times New Roman font 12 pt. Graphing Financial Information.Questions and Problem Week 15-16 SUMMARY OF ASSESSMENT Item 1. Global Issues. 4. (Sep. Nike. 2 3. 1968). 23. Regulators. Oil and Gas Transportations. keep rough notes used in the preparation of the assignment. Regulated Utilities. Where this is not possible students should.5 or double line spacing. Insurance Real Estate Companies. ATTENDANCE POLICY .Questions and Problem Case study Research Article and Performance. Vol. All students are required to keep a copy of their assessment item until it is marked and returned to them. Financial Ratios.. 5. Leave a margin of 3 cm on the left for marker comments. Chapter end . 4. Inc. Chapter end .Procedures. Altman “The Journal of Finance”. No. Accounting for Government Accounting Governments for Non-Profitable Organizations other than Week 14 Governments Not-for-Profit Organization Financial Ratios for Special Industries Banks. case study: Analysis includes 2007 Financial statements to 2010. 589609 Week 13 Personal Statements Accounting Financial and for and Personal Financial Statements. at the very least. Marked assignments should be kept until the final grade has been awarded. Technology in Commercial Banking. 1.

.COMSATS attendance policy will be follow.

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