Company Profile Template

Name of the Company Address: Parent Company (if any) Subsidiaries, Associates, and/or Overseas Rep(s) (if any) Type of organization
Public (assisted by the Government) NGO (nonprofit) Sole proprietorship Partnership Corporation- Public Corporation- Private Cooperative Other (please specify): _____________ Manufacturer Retailer Authorized Agent Consulting Company Other (please specify): …..

Type of Business

When established? Recent changes in company or affecting company? (e.g. changing markets, technology, labour force) Current priorities, main issues? Business Model: (e.g. Centralized, Decentralized, retail, home based, office bound) Organizational Structure Major business activities ( basic products and services offered)

Primary/priority markets? Changes to markets/product range in past few years? Major Customers (current)

Vision Statement: Mission Statement: Values: (e.g. General guiding policies that are to govern all activities Business Goals and Objectives) Business Strategy: (e.g. Diversification) Economic Intent: (e.g. Intent of the organization, profit making, non for profit making, investment, speculation)

Value Chain: (break down value) Accreditations (e.g. Standard Operating Procedures, ISO)? Markets, products, services Workforce
No. Of full-time employees No. Of part-time employees Contractors (% of workforce) Casual staff (% of workforce) Full time Part time

Average length of service

Managers Line workers Full time Average Qualifications/educational Part time background: Managers Line workers

Recruitment – processes used? (e.g. word of mouth?

Full time Part time Managers Line workers

Key processes, work areas, teams relevant to your project



Hours of work/shifts:

Structure of supervision:

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