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Q. 1 (a) what are different types of managerial decision? (b) What are the fundamental steps of planning? (c) What do you mean by controlling? Write down its importance. Q.2 (a) what are the functions of managers? (b) Explain Henri Fayols principles of Management. (c) Write a note on social responsibility of business. Q.3 (a) what do you understand by motivation.

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(b) What is meant by process and content theories of motivation? Explain any two theories of motivation. (7) (c) What are the functions of leader? Explain the different types of leadership skills. (7) Q.4 (a) define the term:- market & marketing. (b) What is break even analysis? What are the assumptions in break even analysis? (2) (7)

(c) Advertising encourages role of inferior products and advertising confuse rather than help. Do you agree? Give reasons. (7) Q.5 (a) what is production planning and control. (b) Explain total quality management. What is its significance to the organisation? (c) Explain the challenges of globalisation. What is the role of WTO? (2) (7) (7)