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Academic Registry The award of a Doctorate of the University (other than a Higher Doctorate) requires that a candidate should

demonstrate that he/she: (i) has conducted enquiry leading to the creation and interpretation of new knowledge through original research or other advanced scholarship, shown by satisfying scholarly review by accomplished and recognised scholars in the field; can demonstrate a critical understanding of the current state of knowledge in that field of theory and/or practice; shows the ability to conceptualise, design and implement a project for the generation of new knowledge at the forefront of the discipline or field of practice including the capacity to adjust the project design in the light of emergent issues and understandings; can demonstrate a critical understanding of the methodology of enquiry; has developed independent judgement of issues and ideas in the field of research and/or practice and is able to communicate and justify that judgement to appropriate audiences; can critically reflect on his/her work and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses including understanding validation procedures.