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Every clause introduces 6 choices of process to happen: • Material • Mental • Behavioral • Verbal These choices can be dived into

three groups: 1. 2. 3. Doing/Happening = material or behavioral; Projecting = Verbal or mental1 Being = relational or existential • • Relational Existential

Processes: Material Process:

Behavioral Process:

Mental Process:

Verbal Process:

Existential Process:


This is the only group that can use projected clauses.

Relational Process: Attributive:


Every clause can bring a circumstance, they can be divided into: CIRCUNSTANCE TYPE Extent Location Manner SUBCATEGORY Temporal Spatial Temporal Spatial Means Quality Comparison Reason Purpose Behalf Condition Concession Default Comitative Additive Guise Product PROBE For how long? How far? When? Where By what means? How? What like? Why? For what purpose? On whose behalf? Under what conditions? Despite what? Lacking what? Who/what with? And who/what else? What as? What into? What about? Says who?



Accompaniment Role Matter Angle