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Starfish Sea Stars

Although often know as starfish, they are not fish and 'sea star might be a better name. Sea stars are members of the group of animals called Echinoderm Phylum that meaning Spiky skin and belong to Asteroidea Class. Sea stars are invertebrate animals that have radial symmetry and commonly have five or more arms. Sea stars do not have skeletons that can be help for move, but the skeletons just for protect their self. They use tube foot to move to another place and crawl along the base of the sea with slowly for many species. Sea stars both scavengers and carnivores. They can find their food by detecting chemical elements from their prey or dead animals. Sea stars eat mostly bivalves, snails, worms, and other echinoderms. Some sea stars just eat detritus. They out their tummy and use it to eat. They digest the prey then the tummy become normal. This condition is possibly to eat big prey. Although they see not like a human, sea stars have eyes that located at the end side of their arms. They are simple eyes, and look like a little red spot. The eyes do not see in detail, but dark and shine can be detected. They also did not have blood. They use water vascular system to pump the water cross to the filtrate madreporite. When their arms are cut off, the renewal is occurred. The arms have been cut to protect their live, so this is used to run away from the predator. One year is needed to renewal their arms. Sea Stars reproduce through external fertilization. Where separate sexes of sea stars join to spawn by releasing their gametes into open water to be fertilized. Sea stars also release pheromones with their gametes to lure others to the spawning site. Sea Stars can also reproduce asexually by using the process of regeneration. If a piece of the sea star is broken off and it contains a part of the central disk, then it can regenerate into a whole new sea star. This process is a very good survival technique and takes about a year to happen.