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Vivienne Clarkes Music Video Styles.


Clarkes view on camera works is that camera movement are often accompanied by the movement of the performers. She also argues that camera works are used to change the atmosphere of stage performances, making them more dynamic. Lastly she says that the use close ups gives a realistic view to the audience because of dependent of the screen size of their TVs.

Narrative and Performance

Clarke had strong views on performance and narrative music styles. She says that narrative songs tends to be incomplete, but more fragmentary. She also applied this to music promos, by stating that they too often have storylines or complex non-linear order. In relation to, music videos this is done to so the audience would view the video again to try and understand or catch the bits they missed the first time. Lastly, the use of close up allows eye contact and facial features/emotions to be seen. Also narrative music videos allows the artist to role play in a number of ways, which would not be possible in a live concert.