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Integrated Mathematics Course 3 Final Semester Project:

PART THREE: Now that you have developed your survival plan, lets think about how much all of your supplies will cost. Based on your plan from Part Two, do some price comparisons online to see how much you might end up spending. It might be a good idea to find some websites that specialize in emergency survival kits that already have everything you would need for a certain period of time. Below you will find some helpful websites to assist in your research (you are not limited only to these sites). Give a detailed inventory of what each kit includes and list the price (be sure to tell us where you found your information). requestid=231518



You have shopped around and done some price comparisons to stock your supply of weapons and ammunition. Below are some sample quantities and prices of 2 different stores. (Assume 1 Box of Ammo contains 100 rounds.) Walmart: 5 Rifles + 12 Boxes of Ammo = $2329 7 Rifles + 20 Boxes of Ammo = $3355

1. Create equations for each of the orders. a. Walmart:


2. If you compared the orders from Walmart and, what is the actual cost of each Rifle? How much does each box of ammunition cost?

3. How many of each product would you need to purchase in order for the price of your order at to cost less than Walmart? Is it possible (why or why not)?