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Español I Capítulo 3 – El Proyecto las compras (shopping) You are going to create your own store in groups of 3.

Most of the work will be done in class. You will create a poster to advertise your store, bring in items for your store, and try to get the most business from your classmates. You better have some good gangas (bargains)!  Poster – You will create a poster to advertise your store. You poster must include: - 2 points - The name of the store in Spanish - 30 points - 10 featured items (must include a picture, price, and complete sentence for each) You must write your price in Euros (Spain). Use a currency converter to change from dollars to Euros. ( Be careful: in Spain they use a comma (,) instead of a decimal point (.) between dollars and cents. (ej: 1,50€ o 50,00€) - 3 points - Store hours (ejemplo: abierto (open): lunes a sábado de las nueve de la mañana hasta (until) las seis de la tarde. ) - Total = 35 points Store – On the due date you will set up your store with your poster to vie for the business of your classmates. Your store must include: - 5 points – Your poster - 10 points – 10 items “for sale” - Total = 15 points Presentation – On the due date, after you have set up your store, group members will take turns being the salesperson to attract the attention of “buyers.” ALL CONVERSATION WILL BE IN SPANISH. Each salesperson will have 3 minutes to win the “buyers’” business. The group with the most business at the end will receive 3 extra credit points. To receive all the points for this section, you should include the following key words/phrases/techniques in your selling: - Regateando (Bargaining) - Items for sale - Tenemos (We have….) - Prices (caro, barato) - Comparisons (más que, menos que, etc.) - Demonstrative adjectives (esta, esa, etc.) - Total = 40 points Choice – After you have been the shopper, you will write 1-2 sentences explaining which store you bought from and why. This must be in Spanish. Include: - at least 1 verb in the preterite tense - which store you bought from - your reason for buying from that store - Total = 10 points Total = 100 points Due