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Participation, Action, Creation
Melpo Kordistou
Member of Ecological Movement of Patras
Coordinator of COMENIUS projects
Assessor of GRUNDTVIG projects (national committee)
Registered expert of EACEA (European committee)

Volunteering is the commitment of a person willing to

work without pay for a definite or indefinite period of
time for the general benefit of society

When you are a volunteer you:

choose to give your skills and time
help out the community and the not-for-profit
organisation you volunteer with
get something out of it yourself
do it for free
work in a specially assigned volunteer role

It empowers individuals
It adds value to not-for-profit organisations
It strengthens communities

Health Benefits
Psychosocial Benefits
Community Benefits
Professional Benefits

The Healing Power of Service, Edward V. Brown
Volunteering in America, State Trends and Rankings, 2002 to 2005, Corporation for
National and Community Service

The benefits of volunteering



Reported higher levels of Well Being

Increased Energy
A feeling of being healthy
Improved sleep
Stronger Immune System
Reduction in aches and pains

Effects of Volunteering on the
Well-being of Older Adults,
Nancy Morrow-Howell

The benefits of volunteering

More optimistic and happier outlook
Decreased feelings of loneliness, depression, and helplessness
Sense of calmness and relaxation
Increases opportunity for interpersonal relationships
Improves confidence and self esteem

The benefits of volunteering


Better understanding of needs in the community,

people are more connected.
Increases Social Support to members of the

The benefits of volunteering

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Professional Benefits
86% of employed surveyed said Volunteering can have a positive impact on
their careers
About 80% agreed that volunteering enhances decision making skills,
negotiating skills and problem solving skills
4 out of 5 people said volunteering helps develop business skills
3 of 4 respondents who served on boards strongly agreed that volunteering
offers opportunities to enhance leadership skills.
Managers and directors want people with these skills working for them.


Do you want to:

give something back to the community?

work for social change?
have fun?
learn new skills?
help others?
gain work experience?

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Education/training/youth development

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Environmental/animal welfare

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- Empower people teach & exchange skills

- Be indispensable - administration & clerical
- Provide nourishment - prepare & serve food
- Help the world go around - transport people & goods


- Keep things running smoothly repair & maintain

- Save lives and property - emergency relief
- Build a sustainable world - environment
- Make good work possible - fundraising and sales


Be punctual and respectful of others

Tell them when something goes wrong or isnt
Undertake any training you might need
Carry out the job you have agreed to

How depends on what motivates you, your

skills and the time available
Where depends on which organisations meet
your needs, and need your contribution

for your attention