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School Project Coordinator

Video Capture Planning Form
Use this planning form to guide your conversations with teachers as you schedule each video capture, and as a reference tool when setting up for a capture.

General Information
• Teacher Name: • Location of Capture: • Date of Capture: • Capture Setup Time (15 minutes before lesson start time): • Lesson Start Time: Lesson End Time: Grade: Subject:

• Capture End Time (4 minutes after lesson end time):

Lesson Topic
• What is the topic of the lesson to be captured?

• Check onek: Focal Topic Other Topic

Board Camera
• Which board(s) will the teacher use during the lesson?

• If more than one board will be used, who will move the Board Camera during the lesson?


Each teacher will participate in four video captures per subject, per year. Of these captures, half can be on any topic, and half must be on specific focal topics that have been determined for each subject in the study (Math, English, and Biology). You will want to discuss with teachers when they will be teaching lessons on their focal topics to ensure they are scheduled and completed. Remember that participants will participate in four captures per subject. A participant teaching both Math and ELA to a class that is involved in the study will have four Math lessons and four ELA lessons captured.

Center of Activity
• During the capture, where in the classroom will the highest concentration of students be located?

• Will the students be moving throughout the room during the lesson?

Non-Consenting Students
• How many students in the class do not have consent to be videotaped?

• List the names of the non-consenting students here:

• Where will the non-consenting students sit during the lesson?

Additional Discussion Points
Have you addressed each of the following key points? Lighting: The teacher knows that lights must remain on during the entire capture, even if a
SMARTBoard or overhead projector will be used.

Activity: The teacher knows that he or she should not plan to give a test or quiz for
more than 25% of the class period on capture day, and should not show a film or another presentation that will take up more than 25% of the class period.

Clothing: The teacher knows he or she must wear clothing that makes it possible to clip a small
microphone to a pocket, belt, or the waist of his or her pants.

Clothing: The teacher will wear neutral colors and avoid clothing with strong patterns.