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Immigration Quotas

Main points -Immigration Act of 1924 -Gentle act -Johnson Reed ACt -National Origins Act -Emergency quota act then put the picture i sent u in facebook and put here ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Palmer raids

-Palmer opposed the American Protective League-Were attempts by the u.s Department of Justice to arrest and deport radical leftists -Many were arrested and had no prove and they were deported -General A. Mitchell Palmer feared conspiracy to overthrow U.s by communist countries then put the pics i sent you in facebook and the video here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KKK (put the real name) -The kkk is a combination of three past organization that represent and promote white supremacy , nationalism, and anti - immigration -kkk is more about non violent protests to get their message cross. -did you know theres were two kkk clans? -1860 - Still today there still kkk roaming around , but the are not wide spreading or violent then put a picture of a kkk