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Integrated Mathematics Course 3 Final Semester Project


PART FOUR: There has been a nation-wide alert informing the public that we are now in a high-threat state of emergency. You and your family have prepared for this event by organizing your survival plan and escape route to your bug-out location. You must keep in mind that any form of communication must be off the grid, which means that you can no longer use any of your normal electronic devices for GPS. You must rely on a paper map and exact distances in order to arrive safely at your location. Suppose your parents are at home and you are at a friend’s house. You have no time to try to get back to your house, so you have no other choice but to travel to your secret camp alone. Using the Law of Sines or Law of Cosines, find the distance between each key location. (You may verify your measurements using a ruler and protractor.) EXTENSION: Would it be possible to create an alternate route from your friend’s house so that you could join your parents as they travel? If so, edit the map below and determine the total distance you would be traveling. Are your alternate plans more or less efficient?