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Reflection for Final Project Nhien Le Miss Bright English 1102 8 December 2012 What I have done: I created

a prezi with the template of a journey with footsteps leading towards the end goal. My prezis topic was the process of how a record is generally formed up until the end goal, money. How I did it: I started on the prezi in my dorm room and grew frustrated at the template because I rushed into the process and did not look over the basics of making a solid prezi. I then proceeded to go to the library and work on it further, after almost finishing it I came back to the dorm room to finish it. Why I did that: I made my final project in different places because I grew bored of my environment and the prezi multiple times. After awhile I knew I had to concentrate on the task so I decided a quiet dorm room was the best place for me to work. What I wanted to do: I wanted to make a minimalistic yet informative project. I planned on mixing specific details and general viewpoints so that while I present I can elaborate more on the associated topics. The project turned out to be harder than I thought it would be and frustrating as I at first had no idea how to use prezi.