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Top 50 Brain Teasers and Mind Games

Below you have our selection of the Top 50 Brain Teasers and Mind Games, in a
variety of categories, that people have enjoyed the most in our brain fitness blog. It
is always good to learn about our brains and to exercise them!

- Fun experiments on how our brains work -

1. Do you think you know the colors? Try the Stroop Test.

2. Can you count? Are you sure? Try the Basketball attention experiment

3. Take the Senses Challenge (Interactive).

4. Are there more brain connections or leaves in the Amazon?.

5. Who is this?: A very important little guy (Interactive).

6. How is this possible?.

- Attention -

7. How are your divided attention skills? check out "Inside and
Outside" (Interactive).

8. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? try "Two in One" (Interactive
brain teaser)

9. Count the Fs in this sentence.

10. Monkeys and Brain Games: is your attention better than a chimp's?

- Memory Brain Games-

11. Brain Teasers for the Weekend: a few challenges to exercise your
attention and working memory.

12. Proud of your visual short-term memory? Give a try at "Picasso". (Interactive).

- Pattern recognition and planning -

13. Planning is not that easy: Towers of Hanoi (Interactive).

14. What's the missing number: Pattern Recognition Brain Teaser.

15. Brain Puzzle for the Whole Brain: The Blind Beggar.

16. Find the missing number in The Empty Triangle.

17. What about Tipping the Scales.

18. Don't be misled by this brain teaser.

19. Please find the missing number here.

- Visual brain teasers-

20. Test the limits of your peripheral vision with this challenge (Interactive).

21. How many...: Train your Frontal and Parietal lobes.

22. Is a circle a circle?: Visual Perception Brain Teaser.

23. Mental Imagery and Spatial Rotation challenge.

24. What piece fits here?.

25. Can you mentally build this box?.

- Visual Illusions -

26. The Muller-Lyer Illusion (Interactive).

27. Don't try this with your partner, or you may fight.

28. How many colors do you see in The Hermann Grid.

29. This is less obvious than it may appear.

30. Is this a circle or what?.

31. The limits of our perception-and perfection.

32. Are these 2 rows parallel?.

33. What do you see.

- Language and Logic brain teasers-

34. Words in your brain: do you know where words are "stored" in your brain?.

35. Join this Party For Polyglots.

36. Solve Dr. Nasty's Giant Cube.

37. Which way is the bus heading?.

-Brain Teasers With a Corporate angle -

38. Collection of Stress Management exercises.

39. Some Google/ Microsoft Brain Teasers used in interviews.

40. A few guesstimations like the ones I was asked in McKinsey

interviews years ago.

41. More guesstimations.

42. Your last Aha! moment?.

43. Can you read these faces.

- Math puzzles -

44. Choose the right Fork in the Road.

45. Find the the Really, Really, Really Big Number.

46. Hard: The Unkindest Cut of All, Part 1 of 2.

47. For geniuses: Concentric Shapes or The Unkindest Cut of All, Part 2 of 2.

- Tough to categorize brain games-

48. Clinically proven Stress Management tip.

49. Enjoy this Sunday Afternoon Quiz.

50. Your Haiku, Please?: try a haiku, please, in honor of brain research.