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Reflection for Creative Project

Reflection for Creative Project

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Published by: Nhien Le on Dec 11, 2012
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Reflection for Creative Project Nhien Le Miss Bright English 1102 9 December 2012 What I have done: I printed

out a score and drew music notation in the staff; beside the symbols in the staff I explained certain points that I found interesting in music that were relevant to the production of music. Why I did it: Many people believe in either playing by ear or learning to read sheet music. A score is a staple in a trained musician’s life, because it is such a common object and is familiar to people outside of music. My objective was to introduce the basics of music to my peers and allow them to comprehend it in a more manageable fashion unlike the complex jargon that is used in the musical community. What I want to do: I wanted to present the information in a friendly, entertaining and organized format that was familiar to others while informing them of some of the focal elements of music. My goal was to have others be interested in music and the making of it. How I can do it: Ideally in the creative project my work and creativity would inspire others to seek knowledge of the arts or whatever it is their passion consists of, especially after seeing how my imagination can lead me to other forms of art and mediums outside of music. Reflection: When I began my foray into the creative project at first I struggled to conjure ideas of what I would eventually craft. I was wary to the associated stigma of my subject and passion, music. My belief was that this subject could not be explained simply; in my eyes it was unattainable. After struggling for a brief period, I realized that the challenge of explaining music theory without the problematic terminology that bewilders many was one worth taking on. If I could explain this complicated topic to others it would be impressive. So I chose to use an image commonly known in the background, with that I chose essential facets of music and described

them in a colloquial manner. I was proud of my work and this assignment made me realize that it can be harder to explain what you are knowledgeable about than learning what you are skilled in.

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