Idea Evaluation

Idea A Solution Description Ideal Customer Idea B Idea C Online Art Gallery people interested in arts, preferably wealth and willing to buy art work

Why Would a Customer Pay? Tags

reasonably cheap art work from Online Photo Auction upper-middle and upper class people interested in people, interested in art photography and who has because this website offers a collection of distinctive amateur photographers, whom they would not discover and the web site it's cheaper, good investment, deals with the copyrights helping students and young issues, have the artists to enter the market and photograph printed and earn money, to earn a living. delivered. student art, young artists, art investment, art dealer

sponsors will pay because it's s social responsibility project, visitors wil only pay if they buy an art work, they pay because they are supplid with the collection of artists and their works.

Worth pursuing? 1 = bad / 10 = favorable Does it solve a frustration? Does it do one thing, and do it well? Will it be alive in 5 years? Is the market large enough? Not Under-funded market? Organic growth potential? Defensible? Secret sauce? Solvable Chicken & Egg problem? Do I have skill sets necessary? Do the revenues have high Do the revenues have high velocity? 8 10 6 4 3 8 8 5 6 3 3 3 9 8 7 9 9 9 9 9 7 7 3 7 7 5 5 5 6 7 7 5 5

Is the market a zero sum game? Average Score

2 5.50

8 7.83

7 5.75

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