Pain and Stress What is pain?

What are the two types of nociceptive pain?

What are the properties of nociceptors? Why are they unique from other sensory receptors? Compare and constrast A delta and C fibers.

How can activation of a nociceptor directly cause inflammation? What is the triple response?

What are the pathways for pain transmission to the CNS? Diagram how the endogenous analgesic system suppresses pain.

How does morphine suppress pain? Why is preemptive analgesia desired for surgery?

What is the Gate Theory of Pain?

What causes neurophatic pain? What are the symptoms of neuropathic pain?

What is the likely cause of neuropathic pain?

What were Hans Selye’s contributions to physiology?

What is GAS and what are its stages? 1. 2. 3.

What are the characteristics of a SNS response?

What are the characteristics of a PNS response?

Why might a prolonged SNS stimulus be detrimental to the body?

What is the role of CRH in long-term stress?

What changes occur with aging that prolong and provide an impaired response to stress?

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