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AEon Feed 2007 - 2017 Venus Cycle Mayan Doomsday Antichrist Apocalypse

AEon Feed 2007 - 2017 Venus Cycle Mayan Doomsday Antichrist Apocalypse

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Venus in Pegasus - it’s raining happiness upon the World


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ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPT Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 2: the original zodiac as shared by all

astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 3 as well.

WINTERIZE IT! Winterize your horoscopes http://bit.ly/SMwGcv check for zodiacal offset around Xmas

= going up towards fantastic 7 signs of zodiacal error #ZodiacFacts #DailyHoroscopes

DIAMOND 2013 YEAR The positions of the planets along with their real zodiacal placements for New Year 2013. 55 Cancri e is of course your Diamond Planet. MINUTIZE IT! Shoeshine boy, florist and butcher offer examples of excellent predictive hands-free astrology as they calculate e.g. next marriage for their clients and acquaintances while serving them. As every astrological calculations takes from second to minutes, they usually have plenty of time for divination. Thus, all loves in one’s life would take around quarter an hour to calculate by timing and quality in an average astrologer. As all calculation is easily performed by memory, the process takes the form of discreet chat. FUTURIZE IT! Changing the future is our only intent. It is impossible to think of a lifetime that has not changed a futurity or two. A normal initiate changes, any futurities every day. The only purpose of astrology thus lies in determining the future before change sets in. Thus, changing, creating or even recreating some future is our only business after we have determined that future. As initiations take minutes, everybody is an initiate in quarter an hour. Methods like Instant Magick or 20 Minutes Astrology abound for those who don’t know how to divine in minutes yet. The divining and futurechanging act requires no tools. 2007 – 2017

Your own fate was decided #2007 http://bit.ly/Tnq42p #2017 The world ends here
7H 8H

http://bit.ly/UdBzuq Last Venusian cycle 2007 - 2017



Age of Pegasus 2017 AEon of Cetus 2013 http://bit.ly/Vuc4nL

22 zodiac http://bit.ly/SR1MRn 16 ascendants http://bit.ly/SR1Hxb
11H 12H

AEON When Uranus touches the equinox Cetus Sun, we have the Aeon of Cetus.

AEON PEAK The peak of the Aeon happens in the years 2012 and 2013. The biblical Aion is 2014. AGE OF PEGASUS The Golden Age of Pegasus is scheduled for year #2017. Use hash #2017 along with #1622 in order to find updates (see links below) such as through topsy.com or Diaspora. NABTA PLAYA The central astral ritual for the peak of the Age of Pegasus II has Nabta Playa as hub. MAYAN 2013 In the eonic year 2013, Uranus returns to its Cetus II position, the better for 1929 redux to remain actual. The Venusian 2007 – 2017 cycle actually completes with the Age of Pegasus III, therefore 2017 may not be the end. As Venus spans from Hydra to Pegasus, through Crater and Scutum 4, it gloriously defines our age while spelling the fate of the

Antichrist. The horoscope of the Antichrist minutely defines its final doom to the second. DOCUMENTATION Every planet and planetary zodiac has received separate treatment along with dedicated publications or series of publications. In the case of “Pylenor”, “Tekton” or Eris, we speak of terabytes of animated material. All planets have been delineated right from the very moment of their discovery, thus no naming would interfere. The delineations have been published years before anyone “into astrology” would even hear about said

discovery. In the case of Quaoar, the delineation was published while NASA, IAU and the Harvard MPC were still “hiding data”. As concern predictive techniques, e.g. directions like the secondary angular have been well-documented through more than 45000 publications. Even the great reduction of October 2011 hardly disclaims the fact. YOU TRUSTED NASA FIRST Whether you have been lucky to observe Moon landing, saw beautiful pictures of the universe or had your first stellar experiences by naked eye observation; you trusted NASA first. Only then, unscrupulous folk tried and used your original openness and thus naivety for their muddled purposes: cheat upon you along with a faux sky by imposing irrelevant as well as deliberately miscalculated zodiacal positions unto your horoscope – then, … they gave you “ an alternative” – equally wrong. Now back to NASA where true stars are. OTSEFINAM
In an effort to serve our readers, customers, and RTRRT initiates best; we tend to keep high standards as concern our dedicated; even personalized analyses, initiations and publications. Please don’t pass word or document since it would tend to harm the very high standards that you enjoy and have learned to depend on for the Age of Pegasus II.

PORTENTS AND TIPS FOR THE TIMES AHEAD 1) Apophis comes close to Earth on January 9th 2013. Impact not expressedly scheduled but more as an uncomfortable reminder that year 2029 draws near. 2) As deluge portents a amass towards the end of January 2013, Apophis gets linked to

them. See also Eon Chronicles for a detailed “amassing disrupting factors report”.

These were produced mostly by an unusual behavior on the part of some major dwarf planets.

3) 1929 redux portents are based on the current cetacean Uranus return: namely, Uranus returns into Cetus II for the year 2013. It has never been too far b as e.g.

Sandy c technically happened with Uranus in Pisces; according to the IAU

definition of constellations borders d. In considering the matter at hand, the reader

is strongly urged to read through the Orcus Report. As the Orcus Report series suffered the great October 2011 clearing e, probably no animations remain in order

to dynamically show market undercurrents as ruled by dwarf planets through nether ascendants: however, said reports more than suffice in a most demanding analyst. 4) We are soon about to enter the second average f of Pisces. Therefore, precession

reenters Pisces as it will respectively visit Aquarius g and Capricornus – both

twice h.

5) Apart from the averages i, the encapsulation of ages j speaks of Cetus and Pegasus
8F 9F

as beacons of our times k.

6) In terms of brilliance, the Age of Pegasus l makes for artistic effect ^^ glorious twin m
11F 12F

exaltation, even ascension which some will understand as Luciferian

“ascent to hells n”


On the other way, Cetus II reserves not only traps o under the Pegasus Point: it may even host immortality at the bottom of the sea p.

Technically, the IAU borderline for Cetus II finds itself roughly below the Pegasus Point. A national weather drama as mostly manifested in the New York area. d The IAU system nicely reflects our classical one: apart from some minor “tweaking” such as e.g. for ditto Cetus II and most prominently Orion, we seldom proposed any constellation borderline condescension. e Removal of about 15000 publications from the server, marked as “obsolete”. f Used for unremarkable times such as Pisces, Aquarius and Capricornus; all of which come as twin overlapping averages: thus, e.g. second average of Aquarius. g The first average of Aquarius is due in little more than 700 years; around 740 years from now to be slightly more imprecise. h Both of the twice: there is already a comment on twin averages – VIDE SVPRA. i Dull, uneventful times; ditto. j A complicated mater, e/g/ the second Eon of Cetus encapsulates the second Age of Pegasus; but there is much overlapping and mathematical consideration to do before proclaiming any previous or further encapsulations. k Eridanus is henceforward omitted as obsolete “New Age” – the ex ascending Era Eridani. . l I, II & III. m Age of Pegasus III. n See also recently dedicated publications. o See e.g. our Yellow Submarine series. p From a still unwritten article. See also on Death Discreation (series).


7) Every now and then a new discovery that haunts world horoscope charts is set to rule as relevant hub of our own horoscopes: that was the case with Diamond Planet 55 Cancri e as haunted by Sila-Nunam in the area as ruled and controlled by “Tekton”. It is with this portents that we offered “diamond summer 2013” in midst of whatever 1929 redux omens that the peak of the Eon may reserve for us. 8) The peak of the Eon of course happens with Uranus in Cetus 5, particularly as

marking cetacean equinox. 2014 is Aion as biblical proposal, therefore calculation. 9) 2017 is the beacon of our times, hope and nemesis for many. Will we witness an exalted age? Not for long, but it will soon repeat its magnanimity. If anything describes the fall of an exalted angel, we shall be able to witness in person – such as even Dante was not – the twin ^^ exaltations of our times, ascent to hell and fall into paradise –the Golden Age of Pegasus, with Venus shining in Pegasus – twice. 10) Venus enters Ophiuchus for solstice 2012. While that marks a regular - thus unremarkable - event, it perchance offers itself as reminder of the “up to 6” signs of zodiacal offset that steadily climb onto 7 for wintertime nativities 6 on the

northern hemisphere. Only doing what you told by those who were equally told so made you believe in whatever you think you thought to believe in. The reality that encompasses even your own natal skies may be different from kindergarten models: a fact that will scare off many and attract the few that count: the 144000.


1) Have your horoscope done properly even if you think you have it already, or follow these simple hints. Often people amass horoscopes that never reflect their true natal skies, apart from conflicting even among themselves. 2) Find the ascendant: there are 16 of them as often featuring even within rudimentary programs.

3) For current births and horary divination, you can observe one of the 16 guardian angel ascendants in the real sky with your naked eyes. 4) Find zodiacal position of planets. There are 22 of them. Dig that planetarium. Know whether your Mars I Cetus is compatible to her Venus in Hydra. Cast that Moon in Auriga versus her Sun in Orion. 5) Find precise solar position. There are 16 of them q.

6) Find cardinal points: nadir, zenith, south, north, west and east. East is the guardian angel ascendant. 7) Locate the main centaurs, especially around the ascendant: there are dozens of them: Pholus is the oldest. 8) Locate at least 50 major dwarf planets. Pluto is one of them. 9) Facultatively register the epoch, e.g. Eon of Cetus II, Age of Pegasus III, Era Eridani, Second average of Pisces. 10) Check for zodiacal offset. At Xmas time on the north hemisphere, this offset is currently up to 6 – going up to 7 – zodiacal signs or constellations r.

A ZODIACAL PRIME Were the zodiac and ascendant set partly known to ancient civilizations? Sikkim, Mongolia, China, even Egypt surely had successful interplay with the great stellar scheme. Nevertheless; over the past period s, a curious superstition became largely

q r

Technically 15; 16th is experimental. These encompass twin Serpens, Scutum and Scorpius in the Ophiuchus area. s More than 2000 years of duration, surely towards 5000 years old and – as proposed - even more than that.

accepted as truism by many. Among the many systems, of which several t were largely

justified u, a part of the planet has been adopting the 12 ascendants creed. This belief

wants that there are 12 equal slices of the zodiac rising at east for all of us. Albeit astronomically wrong, this cozy little model appealed to humans eager for quick classification. The popular mind imagines the planets running after the sun within a flat circle – the two-dimensional model of the solar system. Nothing could be funnier since the planets don’t follow the Sun at all! If this model would be valid, the astronomers would gladly accept it. Alas, it is not. This is hilarious since no one can prove any 12 zodiacal ascendants as rising at east – because they simply are not there to be found at all. As no one was probably ever asked to prove it – superstition holds sway apparently forever: namely, if one would seek for something like a declared - but unproved and improbable – 12 ascendant set in the real sky – especially one of the 12 equal wheel animals – one would not find it at all. True, e.g. Taurus does rise at east for five minutes every day, soon to be followed by Eridanus: but that is what happens in the real sky: it has more flavor of science and astronomy than what has become of astrology – besides – in dealing with the real taurine stars, one would deal with one’s real self – a matter to be avoided in any superstition. East is inhabited with generally “unknown” constellations, 88 of them. Presently, only 16 ascendants - “guardian angels” - rise at east – in Egypt we had a double set. The quest for the Grail e.g. started with Venus rising in Crater – where else? Nevertheless, in popular mind, the universe is simple, symmetric and boring. The marketplace mountebank cannot conceive of precession. Thus, the 12 ascendants superstition remains dear to the masses. Strangely enough, even people who formally pack telescopes in their attic do preserve this tradition. Probably even astronomers – who never knew anything about the zodiac but were in theory able to observe ascendant set – let superstition rule their neighborhood – for the sake of “tradition” – there is hardly a more poisonous word when it comes to true nature, guardian angels and spirit. Science
Sikkim, Mongolia, larger China, Egypt … shreds of German zodiac… For our own list of experimental and factual zodiacs, see our oldest publications: you will find dozens of zodiacs as enlisted, documented and published. u Therefore astronomically correct. Some systems were correctly set but misunderstood by the masses ever after; then rediscovered in their true meaning: but never updated, that would require work!

obviously does not count as tradition at all, and neither does observation with one’s naked eyes. For over 5000 years hardly anyone observed the horizon or measured the zodiac. In fact, even if we find hints in the Bible, our own glorious “western” civilization – Egypt exempt - was oblivious to the zodiac during the total length of lingering superstition that it was forced to extol as its only tradition. It’s 12 cozy non-extant ascendants in the sky, then – one’ faux self – clouding one’s guardian angel. Universe is seen as convenient pizza-cut model, fixed wheel. No precession is allowed in default mind. The world stands still with the cult of death and the devil of superstition. With people obtaining the right to believe in whatever they chose – nothing to do with choice and belief – it is assumed that the masses are always right. Since no bigwig ever measured the zodiac, tradition has none. Serpens Cauda rose at east in Philadelphia, but tradition probably has Sagittarius or Scorpius, even if these were unable to rise at east due to precession of the ascendant set. Back to the false set of ascendants for the masses: it does not matter whether it is false or not as long as the masses believe. In India, discussing astronomy would disturb tradition, while at the same time, the Indian is proud of one’s own astronomic tradition. Generally speaking, the Indian model would be closer to precession, thus scientific observable skies – and reason. Western superstition has surely nothing to do with its astronomy as exemplified by Hipparchus, Hypatia and Ptolemy – but we already marked Egypt and its colonies as exempt. Historically, every one of the 1008 planets and 88 constellations had its own page on a popular social network. If you don’t find yours there, blame it on us?

She’s crazy like a fool about zodiacool


#1622 Many still believe in 13 zodiacal signs, while there are clearly 22. They also perchance fancy 13 ascendants when 7 there are 16 eastern guardian angels in the eastern sky 8.
6F 7F

Where else? TAROT = ZODIAC Why was it necessary to make people believe in 12 ascendants or even 13 zodiacal stations? Why hide something obvious? There are no 12 zodiacal ascendants rising at east. Anyone “believing” in 12 ascendants would be surprised at observing the real sky, while looking for whatever was never there at all: childish models not of one’s own invention 9 – a simplified fabricated kindergarten pizza-cut sky for anyone that couldn’t

otherwise care less for any starry sky at all. People don’t really care about stars: they never did. All throughout history, those who really observed the stars were not only few: they can be traced to more than zero and surely less than three 10; in approaching zero: at

best; there would be some candidates through larger China and Egypt where shreds of zodiac would eventually be found perhaps as traced back to Germany or revolutionary France. Not only people in general, but also astronomers have no idea of the zodiac. Not only of zodiacs and ascendant sets: such basic knowledge being out of hand: a simple five

minute scan 11 can not penetrate default mind at all; but also various tarot fortune tellers

who of course – like the rest – haven’t got the slightest idea of what the Tarot could be 12.

The basic precept is very simple, indeed: the Tarot is the zodiac; there is no difference: 16 ascendants or guardian angels along with 22 zodiacal stations: nothing simpler than that.

10 THINGS TO FORGET ABOUT IN YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE 1) Ascendant: it assuredly isn’t there; e.g. Aries is presently not rising at east at all. Even some of those primitive “familiar 13” zodiacal ascendants that do rise at east

for the epoch never confirm to “your calculation”. You did not believe that a wheel spoke fashioned pizza cut arrangement as made of 12 equal animals in the sky truly rises at natal east, didn’t you? 2) Solar sign. Hard to find, but planetary zodiacs are even much more complicated and downright unpredictable as well. 15 or 16? 15 is a fairly safe number of solar signs. 3) Elements. Uterine little Aries! Not only you don’t rise at east for the epoch, but are also wet with stars! Most zodiacal watery constellations like Capricornus (T1 & T2), Aquarius (t), Cetus (I, II & II), Pisces (I & II), Taurus and Eridanus are ruled by Pegasean Salacia and Aquarian Neptune. As Salacia happens to wait for Venus in Pegasus, we present the Age of Pegasus as encapsulated within the present AEon of Cetus. In the year 2011, Jupiter went through Cetus along with a majority of planets (Libya, Odyssey Dawn). On spring equinox 2012, Uranus is with the Sun in Cetus. 4) Ages. Too complicated: Era Eridani, double averages, eons of Cetus and Ages of Pegasi. 2013 Cetus, 2017 Pegasus is all you need to know. As we enter the second average of Pisces, twin averages of Aquarii lie ahead in 700 years from now, then twin Capricorni averages, Scutum, Sagittarius, Ophiuchus and so on. Live to tell. 5) Void course of the Moon: among hundreds of inanities, this one was even more embraced than Mercury retrograde. Needless to say, one who has no idea of the

positioning of the Moon can not determine anything about our satellite at all. Was the Moon void on 9-11 in Orion? 6) Transits. Events happen by direction. There are hundreds of them. Want to know the second of the upcoming event? The most precise and scientific among them is the secondary angular. Calculation happens by memory: life is scanned in minutes. 7) House positioning. You may have 50 alleged house systems at disposal but no one works in the real natal sky at all. 8) Programs. NASA JPL Horizons can be simulated by Solex. The astronomic software as supported by Harvard MPC can be useful. All else is most certainly waste of lifetime. 9) The whole matter gets too complicated: you can either simplify and succumb or acquire knowledge in order to be in command of events; even change them v way

ahead before they were bound to happen. The choice lies upon your own personal power. Low power level – low control of one’s own life. Trashed lives, low level superstition, zodiacal mayhem; faux tarot, mangled zodiacs: you’ve seen them all. 10) Returns. While there is slight chance even of approximate accuracy - even when “precession correction” is declared – much is declared in order to impress the naïve – some returns do come handy. Thus, the Venusian return may be entertaining to calculate, even Cruithne return. Among the great variety of directional techniques, even as flanked with experimental e.g. “tertiary kinetic of LILIT VERA” – as perused in menstrual disturbances – techniques; the advice is always to check with relevant secondary angular. Generally speaking, the primary, secondary and tertiary techniques can hardly fail: nevertheless – among no less than 500 types of directions – one prefers primary simplicity – life gets scanned in seconds by memory – secondary precision and tertiary lateral analysis. The reverse secondary lunar direction of Moon in Cetus II for Carl Gustav Jung is a good example of excellence in subconscious analysis – and actual as well considering the positioning of Uranus in Cetus – below Pegasus Point for the year 2013.



BASIC SERVICES 50 $ guardian angel = true natal ascendant (one of the 16) [nominal price 500 €] 200 $ real-sky horoscope analysis 300 $ predictions for one year ahead 500 $ business predictions for one year ahead CUSTOM SERVICES Traditional 1500 pp & 250 pp analyses formats are presently N/A. The customer may however check availability by e-mail. The 250 pages analysis may still be available for selected RTRRT initiates. That usually implies € 500 VIP Gold services or better. VIP GOLD

For VIP Gold services, click on the PayPal icon anywhere in the document. VIP Services catalogs are available from the site


ADDITIONAL SERVICES 25 $ 35 $ per additional dwarf planet analysis per additional centaur analysis

RTRRT INITIATION The standard initiation is resumed under VIP Gold services. Please consult the catalogs.


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Cruithne-based charts and spacecraft births have been presented some two decades ago. 4 Refers to other historical cycles as e.g. the quest for the Holy Grail. 5 Cetus II.


A most delicate knowledge of the zodiacs is required in order to fully understand this point that can not possibly be grasped by the profane. Namely, Pluto would be assumed as planet in the calculations, with relevant results. For the rest, the discovery of e.g. 3 or 4 zodiacal sigs of offset would be revelation enough. As concern Sai Baba’s birthday, the Sun is in Libra on November 23rd

2012-Oct-31 00:00 m Vir 2012-Nov-01 00:00 m Lib … 2012-Nov-09 00:00 Lib … 2012-Nov-23 00:00 m Lib 2012-Nov-24 00:00 m Sco 2012-Nov-25 00:00 m Sco 2012-Nov-26 00:00 m Sco 2012-Nov-27 00:00 m Sco 2012-Nov-28 00:00 m Sco 2012-Nov-29 00:00 m Sco 2012-Nov-30 00:00 m Oph … 2012-Dec-17 00:00 Oph 2012-Dec-18 00:00 Sgr

The precession of the 88 ascendants. For the epoch. 9 Default mind. 10 Among the favorite candidates: Brahma, Enoch and Petosiris. While Petosiris qualifies as Egyptian, the Chinese go mentioned throughout the Chinese Nibiru series. Our applauses go to Hipparchus, Hypatia and of course NASA JPL. 11 The zodiac and ascendant set were scanned in minutes. 12 About: initiation system, not for many. Less than five of the 144000 will do; less than 4 initiations do do. 13 Taurus rises for 5 minutes on daily basis.


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