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Council Listing - 2012 - Dec 11 2012

Council Listing - 2012 - Dec 11 2012

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Published by Susie Cambria
December 11, 2012 list of members of the Council of the District of Columbia
December 11, 2012 list of members of the Council of the District of Columbia

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Published by: Susie Cambria on Dec 12, 2012
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Council of the District of Columbia

The John A. Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004 (202) 724-8000 (www.dccouncil.us)

CHAIRMAN PHIL MENDELSON Email: pmendelson@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Denise Tolliver Email: dtolliver@dccouncil.us Committee of the Whole (All Councilmembers) Committee Director: Evan Cash Email: ecash@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on the Judiciary Committee Director: Brian Moore Email: bmoore@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER DAVID A. CATANIA (AT LARGE) Email: dcatania@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Jordan Hutchinson Email: jhutchinson@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Health Committee Director: Justin Palmer Email: jpalmer@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER MICHAEL A. BROWN (AT LARGE) Email: mbrown@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Amy Bellanca Email: abellanca@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Economic Development and Housing Committee Director: Drew Hubbard Email: dhubbard@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER VINCENT B. ORANGE, SR. (AT LARGE) Email: vorange@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Estell Lloyd Email: elloyd@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Small and Local Business Development Committee Director: Gene Fisher Email: gfisher@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER ANITA D. BONDS (AT LARGE) Email: abonds@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Vacant COUNCILMEMBER JIM GRAHAM (WARD 1) Email: jgraham@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Calvin Woodland, Jr. Email: cwoodland@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Human Services Committee Director: Yulondra Barlow Email: ybarlow@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER JACK EVANS (WARD 2) Email: jevans@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Schannette Grant Email: sgrant@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Finance and Revenue Committee Director: Ruth Werner Email: rwerner@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER MARY M. CHEH (WARD 3) Email: mcheh@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Jonathan Willingham Email: jwillingham@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on the Environ’t, Public Works & Transp’n Committee Director: Drew Newman Email: dnewman@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER MURIEL BOWSER (WARD 4) Email: mbowser@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Joy Holland Email: jholland@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Government Operations Committee Director: Rob Hawkins Email: rhawkins@dccouncil.us SUITE 504 Fax # Suite 410 Suite 109 724-8032 724-8085 724-8196 724-7808 Democrat

SUITE 404 Fax # Suite 115

724-7772 724-8087 724-8170


SUITE 406 Fax # Suite 112

724-8105 724-8071 724-8198


SUITE 107 Fax # Suite 119

724-8174 727-8210 727-6683


SUITE 408 Fax # SUITE 105 Fax # Suite 116

724-8064 724-8099 724-8181 724-8109 724-8191



SUITE 106 Fax # Suite 114

724-8058 724-8023 727-8206


SUITE 108 Fax # Suite 111

724-8062 724-8118


SUITE 110 Fax # Suite 113

724-8052 741-0908 724-4902


COUNCILMEMBER KENYAN MCDUFFIE (WARD 5) SUITE 506 Email: kmcduffie@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Jeannette Mobley Email: jmobley@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Jobs and Workforce Development Suite 11 Committee Director: Ronan Gulstone (Interim) Email: rgulstone@dccouncil.us

724-8028 Fax # 724-8076


COUNCILMEMBER TOMMY WELLS (WARD 6) Email: twells@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Charles Allen Email: callen@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Libraries, Parks, Recreation and Planning Committee Director: Anne Phelps Email: aphelps@dccouncil.us COUNCILMEMBER YVETTE M. ALEXANDER (WARD 7) Email: yalexander@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Ed Fisher Email: efisher@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee Director: Rayna Smith Email: esmith@dccouncil.us

SUITE 402 Fax # Suite 117

724-8072 724-8054 727-8204


SUITE 400 Fax # Suite 6

724-8068 741-0911 741-0898


COUNCILMEMBER MARION BARRY (WARD 8) SUITE 102 Email: mbarry@dccouncil.us Chief of Staff: Joyce Clements-Smith Email: jclementssmith@dccouncil.us Chairperson: Committee on Aging and Community Affairs Suite 17 Committee Director: Garret King (Interim) Email: gking@dccouncil.us

724-8045 Fax# 724-8055 741-0948


Nyasha Smith, Secretary to the Council David Zvenyach, General Counsel Jennifer Budoff, Budget Director Christopher Warren, Chief Technology Officer SUITE 5 SUITE 4 SUITE 508 SUITE 13 724-8080; Fax # 724-8026; Fax # 724-8139; Fax # 724-8018 347-3070 724-8129 724-7819

COMMITTEE ON AGING AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS Marion Barry, Chairperson Yvette Alexander Jim Graham Tommy Wells Vincent Orange, Sr. COMMITTEE ON FINANCE AND REVENUE Jack Evans, Chairperson David A. Catania Muriel Bowser Michael A. Brown Marion Barry COMMITTEE ON HEALTH David A. Catania, Chairperson Tommy Wells Marion Barry Mary M. Cheh Yvette M. Alexander COMMITTEE ON HUMAN SERVICES Jim Graham, Chairperson Yvette Alexander Marion Barry Tommy Wells Michael A. Brown COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY Phil Mendelson, Chairperson Marion Barry Mary M. Cheh Muriel Bowser Jack Evans COMMITTEE ON THE ENVIRONMENT, PUBLIC WORKS AND TRANSPORTATION Mary M. Cheh, Chairperson Yvette Alexander Muriel Bowser Jim Graham Tommy Wells

COMMITTEE ON SMALL AND LOCAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Vincent Orange, Sr. Chairperson Jim Graham Yvette M. Alexander Michael A. Brown Kenyan McDuffie COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS Muriel Bowser, Chairperson David A. Catania Michael A. Brown Vincent Orange, Sr. Mary Cheh COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Michael A. Brown, Chairperson Yvette Alexander Marion Barry Jack Evans Kenyan McDuffie COMMITTEE ON LIBRARIES, PARKS, RECREATION AND PLANNING Tommy Wells, Chairperson David A. Catania Phil Mendelson Vincent Orange, Sr. Kenyan McDuffie COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SERVICES AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS Yvette Alexander, Chairperson Mary M. Cheh Jim Graham Phil Mendelson Muriel Bowser COMMITTEE ON JOBS AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Kenyan McDuffie, Chairperson Marion Barry Michael Brown Phil Mendelson Vincent Orange, Sr. NOTE: For general information on the Council of the District of Columbia, please call (202) 724-8000. For information on legislation or legislative action, please call Legislative Services on (202) 724-8050. The LEGISLATIVE CALENDAR is now available on line at www.dccouncil.us.

Revised 12/11/12

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