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Geography Lesson7th grade Unit- U.S Geography Lesson- U.S Landmarks Objectives: 1.

Students will be able to locate 9 geographical features of the United States on a blank map 2. Students will be able to describe the formations of landmarks as well as their importance and purpose to the surrounding area 3. Students will be able to diagram of the formation of the Rocky Mountains and The Grand Canyon, and the Great Lakes. Standards: 7.1.8.B: Explain and locate places and regions as defined by physical and human features. -7.2.5.B: Identify the basic physical processes that affect the physical characteristics of places and regions. Materials: computer, power point, doc cam, blank U.S maps, colored pencils, worksheets, large class map, tape, geo. pictures Activities/Lesson Motivational Device -Give packet of handouts - Fill in one side of the map with the route we will be taking around the country - Also put one fact from each landmark on the map in the proper place -Video introduction 1. PowerPoint- U.S Landmarks- Movie clips and youtube clips in each slide - Appalachian Mountains - Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf Coast - Mississippi River - Great Lakes - Great Plains - Rocky Mountains - Mt. McKinley - Grand Canyon

2. Jigsaw ActivityBreak the class into 2 equal group Explain each activity before letting them begin 10 min. for each activity

-Large Map activity -Put each Landmark Picture on the appropriate place on the large map - After completed as a group, check the key to see if your answers are correct - After the group has completed the large map, draw the landmarks on your own blank map of the United States using colored pencils - EACH STUDENT NEEDS BLANK U.S MAP- this map will be concept map -Video activity with worksheet Watch each clip and fill out the worksheet with the answers you will find in the video. - Grand Canyon video Rocky Mountain Formation WORKSHEET attached 3. Surprise Activity - Class will stay in the two separate groups - Blank Map of the U.S on the projector screen - One person from each group will go to the board - Teacher will say a landmark and first student to find the landmarks location will win - Part 2- state one fact about that landmark to get an extra point - Other team can steal the point if that person cannot think of a fact Concept Map- Blank U.S Map from activity - One fact for each landmark TimelineClosureMap Review- Make sure everyone has landmarks on the map - Go around the room, one thing you learned today

Name: Grand Canyon Video 1. What River runs through the Grand Canyon?


2. How many years do scientists think it took for the Grand Canyon to form?

3. What helped to widen the walls of the Grand Canyon?

Rocky Mountains Video

1. What kind of rock are the Rocky Mountains made of?

2. Describe in a short paragraph how the Rocky Mountains were formed? Be as specific as possible

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