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Unit: United States Geography Rationale: Our goal for this unit is to introduce students to geographical topics that

involve the United States. Because social studies curriculum is often being pushed aside, it is important for students to be acquainted with basic knowledge about the landmarks, economic importance, and climate of the country in which they live in. Without specific instruction on geography, students may have to rely on their parents or guardians abilities to expose them to new places around the country, which is often very difficult. Learning about the geographical importance of the country in which we live will help students to be more well rounded and more cultured. Lessons: 1. United States geographical landmarks and features 2. Economics and Industry of the United States 3. Climate and regions of the United States Unit Standards: -7.1.5.B: Describe and locate places and regions as defined by physical and human features. -7.3.5.A: Identify the human characteristics of places and regions using the following criteria: Culture Settlement Economic activities -7.2.5.B: Identify the basic physical processes that affect the physical characteristics of places and regions. -8.1.5.A: Identify and explain the influences of economic features on continuity and change over time. -8.3.5.C: Differentiate how continuity and change in U.S. history are formed and operate. Commerce and industry Physical and human geography

Assessment Questions What geographical feature would be considered the western border of the United States?

The Mississippi River does NOT run through which state?

What River flows through the Grand Canyon?

How many lakes make up the Great Lakes?

This low lying stretch of land spans from Canada, through the United States, and down into Mexico?

The Mississippi River empties into what body of water?

The second longest mountain range in North America is?

What state is the Grand Canyon located in?

In one paragraph, describe the formation of the Grand Canyon.

In a paragraph, describe the importance of the Mississippi River. Describe 3 specific uses of the river.

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