Media Buying and Planning

Introduction Lush Cosmetics was founded in 1994 by Mark Constantine. Mark had previously worked as a product developer for the Body Shop. The company has headquarters based in Poole in the south of England and now have over three hundred and fifty stores as far afield as Japan and Australia. Despite being an international company all of the stores are owned by Lush.

Lush relies on their USP of hand making all their products with fresh and natural ingredients; these include skincare products, bathing and hair care products. All ingredients sourced by Lush come from sustainable sources with all of their products being suitable for vegetarians and many are suitable for vegan use. As a company Lush are committed to sustainable trading using fair trade ingredients as well as making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. It is this friendly and caring method of doing business which has helped to ensure that Lush has become an internationally recognised brand synonymous with superior products and admirable business practices.

In the UK almost all major towns and cities have a Lush store located in the high street however in Northern Ireland there is only one store located in central Belfast. This means that many of the Northern Irish sales occur through the shopping feature on their website. This digital method of sales affects the likely customer base which must be taken into account when devising the media plan.

Media Objectives It has been proven that for an ad to be effective it must be seen at least three times over a short period of time by the targeted audience (Sissors and Baron 2002). This rule is true of any advertisement shown across any media vehicle. Each ad to be shown by Lush must conform to these guidelines to guarantee that maximum reach is made across the target market. In order to ensure that this is the case the target market must be fully understood.

Most products produced by Lush are designed with women in mind including make-up and bath bombs. However Lush does cater for male customers with products such as shaving cream. This targeted age group suits Lush as they offer specialised age products including skin moisturisers at a premium price. Product Price Place Promotion . the marketing mix consists of the 4P’s. Lush addresses these issues by using a minimum of packaging on all products and by sourcing ingredients such as palm oil from sustainable sources. The first of these is that the majority of Lush customers will be women.There are some generalisations that Lush can make about the demographics of their target audience in order to better identify them. In addition to these Lush business practices ensure that many customers have an interest in both ethical and environmental issues. Usually the person who purchases the product will be the end-consumer but this varies around Christmas time when many pre-packaged gifts become available. In addition to these demographics Lush can further target the most appropriate market through psychographic means. By realising that these consumers are willing to pay a premium for products it can de deduced that they the consumers are appearance conscious. Those women who do purchase Lush products are likely to be between eighteen and thirty-nine. Current Marketing Mix and Strategy The marketing mix is a group of elements that a company uses to sell its     products. it is more likely that these will be purchased by women for male relatives or spouses as gifts. Lush products are often expensive so those women who buy them are likely to set aside some of their extra disposable to purchase luxury products.

This allows Lush to communicate their latest news including charity events. skincare products to shower gels. As mentioned before in Northern Ireland there is only one store located in Belfast so many sales here are conducted through the website or through the postal order form that can be requested. Lush uses email newsletters as well as the ‘Lush Times’ mock up newspaper which is sent to existing customers through the post. The ‘Lush Times’ advertises the latest products as well as gives product reviews from other customers. However Lush has stores all around the world with each of these sourcing local ingredients from which they make their unique products.00 for a small sized pot. Lush ensure that the ‘Lush Times’ is only delivered to customers who have already purchased products from the internet. Unlike many other beauty product companies Lush has never invested in any formal advertising in the UK or throughout the rest of the world. This paper can be considered a form of direct-mail however Lush produce it in such a way to ensure most customers will not recognise it to be advertising encouraging them to believe any message it contains. This .00 while the more expensive skincare moisturisers can be as expensive as £25. Lush products are well reputed for being high quality and range from bath bombs. from stores or have signed up to receive it.As stated previously Lush’s product is fresh handmade cosmetics made from entirely natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Lush products are charged at a premium price with the cheapest items being bath bubble bars which sell for around £3. Lush relies on positive-word of mouth reviews from satisfied customers and features in the pages of several respected women’s magazines. The paper also includes a list of all products and an order form allowing customers unable to access the internet or get to stores to make purchases. Lush can charge these prices as customers are willing to pay slightly more to ensure that all of their products are high quality and have been responsibly manufactured. Many of these countries have Lush stores located in high streets of large towns as well as in busy locations such as airports guaranteed to have high foot-fall traffic. information on forth-coming products and when the products will hit stores.

Lush make use of free web sites on social networking sites with profiles on Facebook and on Twitter. Lush has a brand that encompasses fun and youth while the Body Shop holds a more grown up and sophisticated brand. The Body Shop offers products of a similar USP with charitable and responsible business practices.means that the budget allocated towards producing it isn’t wasted by only exposing it to consumers who would be interested in making a purchase and not to those who wouldn’t purchase products. It is well known that the Body Shop has always had an antianimal testing stance and their recent partnerships with animal and other charities has . Competitors Media Profiles Lush faces many competitors within the health and beauty market in the UK however their largest competitor is the Body Shop. Like Lush the Body Shop has always committed itself to fair-trade practices as well as animal rights issues. The paper is made out of recycled paper ensuring that it is in keeping with Lush’s ethical business stance. These profiles allow Lush to make a personal connection with their customers and offer special deals as well as exclusive online competitions. These profiles are available free to the company meaning that Lush doesn’t have to dedicate any of its budgets towards maintaining these sites. Again these profiles aren’t always recognised by customers to be advertising by potential consumers. Similarly to Lush the Body Shop gains some publicity through their ethical practices. The first Body Shop store was opened on the 26th March 1976 with franchises opening across the world ever since. The two companies have very similar unique selling points however the two companies have very different branding strategies. This allows for the very media vehicle itself to add value to Lush’s media objective.

Unlike Lush the Body Shop do spend a portion of their budget on dedicated advertising. Lush also faces competition from premium companies such as Clarins and high-street skincare companies like Dove and Nivea. This advertising in the UK includes print advertisements shown across magazines and newspapers. This ad campaign has been launched throughout the world using various media vehicles but has been most apparent in the press particularly in weekly and monthly editions of glossy women’s magazines. The above image illustrates the Body Shop’s latest ad campaign that encourages celebration of women of all shapes and sizes. These ways of communicating with potential customers work for the brands as it allows them to demonstrate their products to best show of the potential benefits for their target market. The majority of these brands also use television as a secondary media vehicle as it allows them to illustrate the benefits of the product in a more visual way. All of the brands use magazines as their main media vehicle as shown by the example on the left produced by Dove in their campaign for Real beauty. despite being a large international company Lush has never spent vast amounts on its advertising before and so it would be foolish to start with a high budget and high profile campaign.cemented their place in the news. Despite being different these brands all use similar methods of targeting potential customers. It is also important to remember that this . Such a campaign wouldn’t fit in with Lush’s home-grown image. Budget The budget of this campaign has to be considered thoughtfully. This guarantees the company a share of free advertising.

Facebook has been chosen has Lush already has a presence there with several profiles dedicated to the different countries in which the company operates.campaign is exclusive to Northern Ireland and has such doesn’t require an overly large budget. The tone of the adverts should remain the same as the overall friendly tone of the company. any large budgeted advertising campaign would impact on the amount of money that was available to these causes. The adverts will be run over a ten week period and will only be shown to Facebook users a maximum of once per day to avoid over exposure and irritation. Adverts shown through Facebook will allow targets to easily click through to the Lush UK website to make purchases. A large budget campaign may make potential consumers wary of Lush products because of the sheer volume of advertising that already exists in the beauty product market. Creative Strategy The main creative strategy behind the campaign is to make more people in Northern Ireland aware of Lush and the products that they sell. The ads will contain images of Lush products and the Lush logo as well as information about special offers. If Lush were to spend this money on advertising instead of the charitable causes many existing customers would become dissatisfied and possibly move to competing brands such as the Body Shop. The majority of the ads will be shown through social networking sites in particular Facebook. These reasons mean that any advertising activities that Lush should carry out within Northern Ireland should not exceed a budget of £5000. The ads will be delivered through social networking sites and through direct mail. . new products and information about the company. Furthermore a percentage of Lush profits are given to various charities including animal protection charities and homeless charities. Furthermore many Lush customers both potential and existing are likely to have their own Facebook profile and access it at least once per day.

Furthermore by using leaflets and free samples handed directly to potential customers Lush are able to apply some selectivity so that the leaflets will be most likely given to those who will go on to make purchases from the company. The free samples and leaflets will be limited to one per person per day. Furthermore it also allows Lush to create a personal relationship with existing and potential customers. . Direct mail has been chosen as Lush already use this form of advertising so it fits with the company image. The leaflets will be handed out during the busiest times in the shopping centres where the footfall is highest. This will include peak times such as Friday evenings and Saturday mid-mornings and afternoons. The adverts run in the social networking site Facebook are only shown to people who are listed as currently living in Northern Ireland. Because the adverts are run on a pay per click basis it ensures that money is not wasted advertising to people in the wrong places. The nature of this campaign lends itself well to a small and local geographic setting. Leaflets will include information on Lush as a company.The other half of the campaign will be made up of direct mail. special offers and new products. The leaflet will also contain the Lush UK website address as well as the address of the store in Belfast. The direct mail will consist of a leaflet and a free sample of a Lush product handed out by a member of Lush staff in busy shopping centres across Northern Ireland. Ensuring one point of human contact allows the Lush brand to take on a personality which is more likely to make them successful. Geographic Weighting This campaign will be run exclusively in Northern Ireland and so all the adverts run within the campaign must be exclusively targeted to consumers based in Northern Ireland. This plan will accomplish Lush’s goal of raising awareness of their products in Northern Ireland through personal and internet means.

If half of those people go on to order from the site it will see Lush’s orders rise by 5. Firstly the reach can be accurately measured through the adverts shown on Facebook through the dedicated measuring tool provided by Facebook. The Facebook advertising operates on a pay per click system which will guarantee a minimum of sixty-three clicks per day. however the campaign is a national campaign focusing mainly on purchases made from the website so does not need to be centred in Belfast. Facebook will provide Lush with the number of those who click through the advert to Lush’s website. If anyone exposed to the ad clicks to close it Facebook provides a feedback survey which will provide Lush with information on why the advert was unappealing to them. Those consumers exposed to the leaflets and free samples are more likely to travel to the Lush store in Belfast to make a purchase as they may not have access to the internet. A lesser amount of leaflets will be handed out in centres in Belfast including Victoria Square and Castlecourt.000 hits. .000 leaflets throughout busy towns and cities across Northern Ireland.000 across the province. Leaflets and free samples will be handed out in shopping centres such as Foyleside in Londonderry and the Fairhill centre in Ballymena. The direct mail campaign will take place over the same ten week period as the Facebook adverts are running ensuring that the two will back each other up. Reach and Frequency The reach of this campaign can be measured in two different ways across this campaign.The adverts shown on Facebook will be delivered to users all across Northern Ireland as these consumers are most likely to make purchases through the Lush website without having travelled to the store. If the advert is found to be unappealing to many it can be easily changed to suit the needs of the target market. If half of those given leaflets and free samples visit Lush website this will increase web traffic by 10. Secondly the reach of the leaflet part of the campaign can be measured in terms of how many leaflets and samples will be handed out. Throughout this campaign it is anticipated that the Lush staff will hand out 20. The campaign will run for a total ten weeks which will secure a total reach of 4410 clicks through to the Lush website.

The adverts shown on Facebook are only to be exposed to customers once per day over the ten week period to avoid over exposure and annoyance. Obviously with the direct mail campaign people will only be exposed to the free sample once throughout the campaign. Adverts would have been broadcast on terrestrial television channels 3 and 4. This means that there is likelihood that the targeted audience will be exposed to both forms of the campaign at some point throughout that time. Media Comparisons Before deciding on the chosen two media vehicles many others were considered and dismissed. The leaflet is designed to be kept hold of so that potential customers can look at it again at a later time. The staff can reiterate the information contained on the leaflet. These various media vehicles were deemed to be unsuitable for a various number of reasons. The first media vehicle that was considered but ultimately dismissed was advertising on television. This repeated exposure will ensure that the ad is seen at least three times by the targeted audience. Producing a suitable ad would have cost well over the allocated budget and then buying screening space would have further added to these costs. However because the ads are only to be shown to the smaller population of Northern Irish Facebook users it is guaranteed that the ad will be shown repeatedly to the appropriate audience. In addition to this television advertising wouldn’t have allowed for accurate targeting of . this also increases the frequency of exposure to the company. This means that those handing out the leaflets as well as the information contained in the leaflet must act as the second and third part of frequency.As stated previously by Sissors and Barron (2002) for an ad to be effective it must be seen at least three times by the intended audience. Furthermore both parts of the campaign will be carried out over the same ten week period. Television was dismissed however because of the huge costs that it would have involved.

this is far greater than the required Northern Irish audience meaning that many would be exposed to the advert unnecessarily. Adverts would be placed on billboards on public transport or in high profile places. This method of advertising would give Lush the visual element that they require to show off their product. the audience would have been from the entire UK not specifically from Northern Ireland meaning the ads would be exposed to many people who weren’t relevant. Lush relies heavily on the pretty visual elements of their products in order to sell them. The final media vehicle that was decided to be unsuitable was radio advertising.customers. However advertising on a large scale on buses and trains doesn’t fit with the environmentally green brand image that is presented by Lush. Another media vehicle that was considered but rejected was magazine advertising. Radio only offers an audio element that is unsuitable to the product. There are some magazines for women that are exclusive for Northern Ireland however these were also deemed to be unsuitable as many of the target audience were unaware or didn’t purchase them regularly. Magazines also do not offer the potential to build the brand loyalty and interactivity that many other media vehicles can give. These methods were chosen as they best fit with the company for different reasons. The two media vehicles chosen for the campaign are Facebook and direct mail. Outdoor and billboard advertising were also decided to be unsuitable for advertising Lush products across NI. This form of advertising would undermine the message of Lush as a company as well as making consumers suspicious of any other message presented by the company. Gratzia and Look. While it targeted the right psychographic audience members the magazines are distributed across the UK with some being sold in Europe. Adverts would be shown in the beauty sections of women’s glossy weekly magazines including Heat. This form of advertising was dismissed as like TV it didn’t allow for specific targeting of the correct audience. Adverts .

By handing out free samples with the leaflets consumers are more likely to hold on to it and look at any information provided. These leaflets are gloss finish with all relevant pictures and text contained.00 for this portion of the campaign. The bid per click cost of the advert is 24p for the company which guarantees a minimum of 63 clicks to the advert per day.00. Firstly the Facebook advert is created through the pay per click option. This is the most cost-effective part of the direct mail campaign. This brings the total cost of the advert up to £1050. Facebook also allows for instance click through to Lush’s website giving potential consumers easy access to Lush products. Media Costs The costs of this campaign are relatively easy to measure. This cost is relatively low compared to the costs of other media vehicles. Furthermore this cost is only spent reaching the exact target audience required by Lush. This totals 4410 clicks across the 10 weeks meaning that this will ultimately increase web traffic on Lush’s UK website. The free samples attached to half of the leaflets can be produced at cost to the company however will incur the second highest cost of the whole campaign. Facebook ads can also be accurately targeted based on keywords and selection material so the ad only goes to the specific target market preventing waste showing it to uninterested consumers.000 leaflets printed by a company in Londonderry.shown across Facebook were chosen as the majority of the target market are active Facebook users giving access to larger numbers of potential customers. A daily budget for this was set at £15. the ad will be running everyday for a period of 10 weeks. The highest cost of the campaign will be the staff costs for handing out leaflets. Direct mail is currently used a as means of advertising by Lush so the campaign is a logical extension of this. The cost of printing the leaflets totals £650. . By having the leaflets handed out by Lush staff ensures at least one point of human contact throughout the campaign giving Lush a friendly human face and some brand personality. This could be reduced if Lush staff were not used however the value and sincerity they add to the campaign is worth the extra cost.00 for 20.

while this shouldn’t be a problem as the majority of the target market are internet users it should not be overlooked. The constraint of the budget however can be seen to be an advantage to Lush. Many more media vehicles could have been considered as well as more free samples being produced. However this doesn’t lend itself to a small campaign. Constraints Despite the best efforts the campaign does have a few constraints. However a large budget wouldn’t be suitable for such a local campaign so the budget has been deployed in the most efficient way possible. The budget of the campaign has been carefully thought out however it could benefit from being increased. This means that the campaign relies heavily on internet orders. If this campaign is successful it could lend itself to Lush beginning a more structured form of advertising in the future with similar adverts being rolled out across the rest of the .00 for producing the free samples and staff costs.00 which leaves a total of £3300. The suitable media vehicles were also held back due to the locality of the campaign. The less that they spend on their advertising means that the more that is left to be spent on the charitable causes that they value so highly. Recommendations In the few weeks after this campaign has run it is important that Lush conducts some form of market research to measure how successful the campaign has been. A more national campaign could have been advertised through more exciting and interesting media vehicles. all media vehicles chosen had to be specific to Northern Ireland limiting the choice available. The first of these being that the only Lush store is based in Belfast. It is expected that brand awareness levels will increase throughout and after the campaign. This research should include analysis of brand awareness before the campaign has run throughout the targeted market and awareness levels both during and after the campaign has run.The total cost of materials for the campaign comes to £1700.

In this case the most appropriate advertising is through online means using Facebook adverts and direct mail using leaflets and free samples handed out by Lush staff. The plan is also engineered to fit with the locality Northern and standard Ireland of with advertising with the noninvasive ads. Conclusion The overall aim of this media plan is to raise awareness of the Lush brand name and their products throughout Northern Ireland. Furthermore if the adverts are successful it would be worth considering a more long term advertising plan within Northern Ireland and throughout the rest of the UK.UK. . The media plan is designed to be low budget and environmentally friendly to fit in and highlight the brands charity work and green business practices. This will be achieved through the use of the two most appropriate media vehicles.

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