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about this ipad pages screenplay template This template grew out of our attempt to bring a screenplay template to the iPad . While the big brother of this template has some other features, they didnt tra nsfer to the iPad. Still, were having fun with it anyway. This template uses 12pt courier font. Margins are set with Slug-lines and Action blocks 1.5 inches from the left and 1 inch from the right, Character names at 3.5 inches from the left, Parenthetical s 3 inches from the left, and Dialogue 2.5 inches from the left. Top margin 1 i nch and bottom margin .75 inches. Page numbering begins on page 2, and hyphenati on is turned off. These settings are pretty standard depending on which book/website you go by, an d seem to line up well with professional screenwriting software. Unlike a dedicated screenplay program, there are no automated MOREs or CONTDs. Al so, using the TAB key wont change from one type of screenplay element to another, so weve given you a couple ways to move between elements. Unlike this templates big brother, which runs in Pages 09 on a Mac, this iPad ver sion does not support F-Key switching between elements, so youll have to tap the styles drop-down from time to time (annoying, we know.) There are a few automat ic features that will help eliminate some of the tedium, though: Pressing RETURN (ENTER) after a Slug-line or Transition automatically moves you to an Action block. Pressing RETURN (ENTER) after an Action block gives you another Action block. Pressing RETURN (ENTER) after a Character name or Parenthetical automatically mo ves to a Dialogue block. Pressing RETURN (ENTER) after a Dialogue block immediately moves you to another Character block. This makes it easy to write back-and-forth conversations. If you like this template, please tell your friends to visit our blog about prod ucing Film and TV in Hollywood: And follow us on Twitter: @JokeAndBiagio and @NateOrloff Thanks and enjoy!