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Published by: chandramohan murugan on Dec 12, 2012
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The complex calculations related to the output redefinition of system

dynamics make a real-time computation very difficult. In order to

facilitate the computation of the algorithm for real-time control, a neural

networks approach was proposed [108, 112]. This method benefits from

NARMA-L2 toolbox of MATLAB®

which can be viewed as a neural

network based feedback linearization tool. In NARMA-L2 controller,

control inputs are computed algebraically, no on-line learning is needed

at this stage any more and the computation required is greatly reduced

compared with analytical feedback linearization [74, 107]. For this

purpose, NARMA-L2 Neural Network is trained off-line to identify the

forward dynamics with the redefined output, which is subsequently

inverted to force the real output to approximately track a command input.

Inverse dynamics can be obtained using neural networks. In a first stage,

neural networks are trained to model the forward dynamics of an affine

system. In the second stage, this neural network trained as direct problem

is inverted to obtain an approximate inverse problem formulation.

Simulation results for an Uninhibited Air Vehicle (UAV) illustrate the

application of the proposed approach.

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