THE LAST SUPREMACY part1 WARNING: This is not a leakage HERE are the lists of Topics that have

the highest probability of being asked in the Dec. 2012 NLE
*BLOOD TRANSFUSION -checklist -allergic rxn mgt. *IV INFUSION *ACTION -piggy back -central catheter *COLOSTOMY -avoid gas forming foods *TRACHEOSTOMY -suctioning -mgt. *DELEGATION OF TASK *ETHICS -ethical dilemma -ethical principles -deontology *IMMUNIZATION -PD 996 -sensitivity -cold chain -given at birth -TT immunity *IMCI -malnutrition -severe anemia -iron supplements(14 days) *TB -contact precaution -dx test -drug side effects *CAUSE OF INFANT MORTALITY *ESSENTIAL NEWBORN CARE (Unang Yakap) -immediate NB care -prevent hypothermia -Vit. K injection -contraindicated(milking) *BEmONC *PROPER DISPOSAL OF HOSP. WASTE -(color code) *ORGAN DONATION *CONDOM CATHETERIZATION (male) *HAITAL HERNIA *ANTI HELMENTIC -drug mgt. *EPIDEMIOLOGY -occurrence & distribution *LEOPOLD'S MANEUVER *FUNDIC HEIGHT MEASUREMENT *LUMBAR PUNCTURE -positioning *EDD *TETRALOGY OF FALLOT *PEDIA -toddler(mgt.) *OVOLACTOVEGETARIAN *ACUTE CARE *CAST (mgt.) *TRACTIONS (mgt.) *PYLORIC STENOSIS *BREAST CANCER (mgt.) *CERVICAL CANCER -primary prevention *RADIATION THERAPY -implant *CHEMOTHERAPY *MENIERE'S DSE. *MI & ANGINA -drug mgt. -mechanism of action *DM -foot care *AMPUTATION *PERI.OP NSG. -drapping -change gloving -pre.op meds *CRITICAL INCIDENTS STRESS MGT. -triage *BEE STINGS *COPD -assessment -suction of secretions * HYPOCALCEMIA (assessment) *ADDISON'S DSE. *CUSHING'S SYNDROME *CRF (mgt.) *HEMODIALYSIS (mgt.) -food allowed to eat *LOBECTOMY -post.op mgt *GASTRIC ULCER *ALZHIEMER'S DSE. -4 stages *SUICIDE (mgt.) -safety precaution *ECG -t-wave inversion -ventricular repolarization *HOMOSEXUAL -how nurse deal them *DEFENSE MECHANISM *MARIJUANA -Canna vis Sativa *FOOT DROP *COUNTER TRANSFERENCE

*PALLIATIVE CARE *POST - TRAUMATIC d/o *PANIC ATTACKS *CRANIOTOMY -post.op mgt -ICP (mgt.) *MYESTHEMIA GRAVES *RESEARCH -sampling techniques -systemic sampling -stratified -convenience -purposive -experimental -T.test *MANAGEMENT -Styles Leadership Decisions -floating -nsg. care delivery system

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