AWESOME DEVILED EGG, smoked paprika, Maldon sea salt THAI CHILI PICKLED GREEN BEANS CRISPY PORK BELLY CRACKLIN’, Maldon sea salt, spicy mayo BRISKET-DUCK LIVER BOUDIN BALLS, Creole mustard, pickles JUMBO LUMP CRAB-OKRA HUSH PUPPIES, jalapeno remoulade CONFIT PORK TONGUE CROSTINI, kumquat relish, horseradish butter $3 $4 $6 $6 $8 $7

DUCK AND OKRA GUMBO, rice, cracklin’ ROAST BLUE POINT OYSTERS WITH SESAME CHILI HOISIN AND LIME CRISPY CHICKEN BISCUIT, handmade pepper jelly, cilantro, Maldon sea salt GRILLED LOUISIANA “HOT LINK” SAUSAGE, on French, handmade Creole mustard, b n’ b pickles CAJUN BURGER, grass fed beef, Cajun onion pickles, hand made Creole mustard THE “T.C.B.!” tete de cochon, mirleton chow chow, confit pork belly FRIED CATFISH PO’ BOY, spicy savoy cabbage, green onion mayo, pickles RED CURRY PORK MEATBALL PO’ BOY, chili-crawfish mayo, rice wine pickles SIMON’S FAMOUS NOLA STYLE BBQ SHRIMP CUP or BOWL $6 or $9 $12 $7 $8 $9 $12 $12 $12 $12

WARM POTATO AND FRIED MORTADELLA SALAD, roast peppers, sherry vinegar, oregano RED BEANS AND RICE, Andouille sausage, bacon lardon DUCK FAT ROAST BRUSSELS SPROUTS AND CHINESE SAUSAGE, red grapes, walnuts, blue cheese FAMOUS BUTTERMILK BISCUIT $6 $6 $6 $3

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