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Tekno Sport

Tekno Sport

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Sales Training Program
Sales Training Program

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Published by: Ankit Bajaj on Dec 12, 2012
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Group 6 Section ‘A’

- Inception in 1986, a 5-day training program for new recruits - In 1992, STP was also opened to long-time (experienced) sales personnel – for 2-days, focusing on new products, package design & communications - Currently offered at TeknoSport HQ in Turku for 5-days per quarter - High level of employee satisfaction with STP (rating of 4.7 out of 5)

Benefits to new recruits: 1. - Builds confidence 2. - Fosters team spirit 3. - A sense of belonging  Benefits to experienced sales personnel: i. - Learn and integrate new products ii. - Create innovative product packages iii. - More efficient use of communications

Management Concerns


- Focus on new product development and improving communications technology
- Buddy system to be introduced - Loss of sales revenue during STP days

- Brainstorming session during STP for potential new products and STP also includes communications training
- Buddy system does not encourage team spirit - Return customers (65% of sales) value the knowledgability of sales people

Management Concerns


- STP cannot substitute for real experience with customers under the guidance of seasoned sales personnel
- Apprenticeship training as practiced in other Finnish firms & sending sales personnel to professional training programs - Management wants to focus
on new product development & improving communicating technology

- STP shares the experiences of seasoned personnel. New employees’ sales rise atleast10% over previous year
- Such initiatives may not be relevant to TeknoSport business model

- This is exactly what STP does

- Reduce frequency of the STP (bi-annual maybe) - Invest in improving STP instead of simplifying communication technology since STP already imparts communication training - Make the STP more cost effective (consider region based STP’s)

Continue implementation of STP with modifications, if required

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