We are the students of G. H. Patel P. G. Institute of Business Management, MBA Program under Sardar Patel University. This questionnaire is completely for the academic purpose only and your response to this will be kept confidential. Please tick (√) wherever applicable.

1. Do you have a bank account? Yes No

2. If yes, then in which type of bank? Public Private

3. If public sector bank, then which? SBI BOBPNB BOI

If other, specify it _____________________

4. If private sector bank, then which? ICICI HDFC AXIS YES

If other, then specify ___________________

5. How frequently do you visit your bank branch per month? 1-4 times More than 12 times 5-8 times 9-12 times

6. What is the reasonfor visiting your bank branch? Make a deposit Cash withdrawal Balance inquiry Investment advice

other, then specify __________________

7. How frequently do you use an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) per month? Never 1-3 times 4-6 times More than 6 times

8. Do you using E-Banking? Yes No

ConvenienceTo save time24 hour access to accounts Other. specify it ______________________ 12. NAME: B.AGE GROUP: 18-25 26-32 32-40 MALE FEMALE . Please rate the following online features. GENDER: C . PERSONAL INFORMATION A. specify it __________________ 10.9. What was your reason for choosing our online banking service? Please tick anyone. Excellent Good Neutral Poor N/A Bill payment E-alerts Wire Transfer Stop Payment Balance Inquiry Check Image Retrieval Ordering Cash Retrieving Bank Statement 20. Which online feature do you use the most? Pay billsmake an account inquiry Transfer funds between accountsWire Transfers Process payrollOrder check books Other. How often do you use our online services? Daily Weekly Monthly 11.

Occupation: Student Salaried Businessman Others .D.

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