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Te Kauroa Future Directions Report FINAL

Te Kauroa Future Directions Report FINAL

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Published by: LJ's infoDOCKET on Dec 12, 2012
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Te Kauroa - Future Directions is based on a number of critical assumptions around the future
development of the city and Libraries within it:

1. Physical libraries will continue to be important public civic spaces providing opportunities for
learning, creative recreation and community engagement
2. The internet, information technologies and networks needed for equitable access to the digital
world are fundamental to Libraries‟ service offering
3. There will be growth in demand for library services and pressure on current facilities and
resources as the population grows and diversifies
4. How customers and communities use the range of library services over the next ten years will
change dramatically.

In response Libraries will:

5. Be innovative, flexible and dynamic in response to changing needs
6. Partner across sectors and agencies to extend the effective reach of Libraries
7. Practise sound management of assets and resources to deliver best value for Aucklanders.

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