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Reflection of the Rhetorical Analysis

Reflection of the Rhetorical Analysis

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Published by: PerleyDs on Dec 13, 2012
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Reflection of the rhetorical analysis

I really enjoyed the rhetorical analysis assignment. Not only did I choose a movie that I love, but the concepts of the movie I can also apply to the real world. To start out this paper I took in consideration of one of the videos we watched earlier in the year called “shitty first drafts”. This really helped me actually get something on paper. I’ve always had struggled not on the paper itself, but how to start it off. With the shitty first draft I just typed out all my thoughts on the paper and the main points I wanted to cover. I didn’t worry about grammar or the flow of the paper or anything of that sort. Once I was done I read aloud to myself and realized that a ton of the stuff I had written didn’t make sense at all. I then just keep editing each draft and went from 8 pages originally, then down to 7 for my revised draft, and then on my final draft I ended up with 6 pages. I really used what Professor Andrews advised me to do when she gave me feedback of my paper. Those comments and concerns put the icing on the cake. Overall this assignment caused me to think outside of the box and not concentrate on the movie itself, but made me understand the underlying concept to the movie. It has definitely progressed my writing and really enhanced my critical thinking skills.

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