KomuniKasi dan KonfliK di indonesia



This research is focused to communication strategy in efforts to conflict finishing that are being happening between traditional fisherman and modrn fisherman. The fenomenant that will be reseached be identifieded as “How the problem solving approach in the conflict finishing between traditional fisherman and modern fisherman? How the communication strategy that has be done.” The yield of reseach shows that the finishing’s aprroach conflict trough: 1) culture, finishing of conflict trough culture should contrive to wishing of society that be in effect the customary law the shape of ulayat right, 2) social, development of social group who have influence in the society, 3) economic, development of alternatif livelihood so that the fishermen are not only hanging on the sea for meet their need daily life, 4) low, socializes the well role who have been gone out by the goverment of regency, province, and center of goverment. The strategy which has done by Government on efforts to finish the conflict pass through persuasif communication as negosiation, mediation, fasilities and diplomation, confrotative.
keyword: communication strategy, conflict, interpersonal communication


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