Profesor/a practicante: Rodrigo Lobos Profesor/a guía: Isolda Reyes

Establecimiento: Instituto Norteamericano Curso:1C - teens

Fecha: November 24 Horario: 9 30 – 12 30

Lesson Objectives : PRE-PLANNING Students will be able to use object pronouns in past simple tense in written and oral activities

Assessment: The students will be assessed at the end of the class with an exam Materials -Whiteboard -student’s book

Objectives ( 5 min) The teacher writes in the whiteboard the title “Great Lives” and explains that they are going to read about a very important person and that they are going to learn how to avoid repetition.


Warm up (5 min) The teacher will ask if they know who is Marie Curie, a Nobel Prize winner. The teacher will write in the whiteboard every idea.

PRESENTATION ( 30 min) The teacher will ask the students to read a text about Marie Curie once. Then, the teacher will ask information about who Marie Curie was. After that, the teacher will ask the students to read the text again but they will now have to focus on the words in bold. They will fill the blanks in activity B and then the tacher will explain that object pronouns are used to avoid repetition, and that we recognized it by asking who receives the action. The teacher completes the table of object pronouns in the whiteboard GUIDED PRACTICE (30 min) ’ The teacher ask the students to work in pairs. They will have to complete activity C and then the class will check the answers aloud. After that, they will gather in groups and will ask each other questions such as who is your best friend? What is the last present someone gave you? The teacher will ask some students to share their discoveries aloud INDEPENDENT PRACTICE (30 min) The students will have to complete de wrap up activity and then the teacher will check it aloud in order to clear any doubt.

Summarizing and reflecting ( 10 min) The students will take the unit 11 test.

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