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GHOSTS READ! What is the Ghosts Read Program?

It's a chance for you to report on books you've read in order to win monthly prizes and earn a place on the end of year pizza party. How do I participate? Read books and write a review and give reviews to designated teachers. The more reviews you give, the more points you will earn, giving you more chances to win prizes! Guidelines: Books Books must be 100 pages or more Books must be read for the first time during the current school year. Manga and graphic novels are accepted, but they will earn a maximum of 25 points. Books read as a class cannot be reviewed (when everyone in the class reads and discusses the same book). Reviews: Students must have a copy of the book when giving the review. Students may give no more than two reviews per teacher, per day. Students may present reviews to the following people: Mrs. Neary, Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Jack, Ms. OConnor, Ms. Cooper, Mrs. Lindinger, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Hauger, Mrs. Duncan, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Pyle, Mr. Hunt, Ms. Sandler-Ligi, Mrs. Rodgers, or Mr. Rendine. Students may not present reviews for other students. Ghosts Read review forms may be picked up in the library. Students are responsible for completing the entire top section and the bottom portion of the form before giving the review. Teachers will complete the large box in the middle of the page. Teachers will return forms to the library by the end of each month so that students will be eligible for prize drawings. Prizes: Monthly prize drawings will be held beginning in November. All students who have completed Ghosts Read reviews are eligible. The top 20-30 readers will be eligible for a pizza party at the end of the school year. The top three winners will receive gift certificates to Barnes & Noble. Students must claim their drawing prizes within two days, and students must attend the pizza party in order to receive their gift certificates. Scoring: Points will be based on the length of the book, the reputation of the author, and the reading level. Final scoring is at the discretion of Mrs. Neary and Mrs. McGee. Reviews given for any book nominated for the PYRC award will receive an extra 10 points.

Points Reading Level Reputation of Author Number of Pages

10 7 th to 9 th grade None

20 10th to 11th grade Popular/bestseller



30 12th grade to adult Major award winner/College Bound List 401+