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Cindy Elbahir, Manager Central Agency Team Information Access Operations Enclosure pc: Justin Hodkinson, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

s.12, 13, 17 Page 1 JAG-2012-00104

Pages 2 through 4 redacted for the following reasons: ---------------------------s.12,13,17

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s.12,13,17 Page 7 JAG-2012-00104

Pages 8 through 10 redacted for the following reasons: ---------------------------s.12,13,17

Page 11 JAG-2012-00104

s.12, 13, 17 s.12, 13, 17

Page 12 JAG-2012-00104

Pages 13 through 15 redacted for the following reasons: ---------------------------s.12,13,17

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