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The Annotated Zullo

The Annotated Zullo

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Published by: Frank Arduini on Dec 13, 2012
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This is another example of the incestuous working relationship between Jerome Corsi and the MCCCP,
since Corsi was the specific person who allegedly carried out this effort. It is further unclear if Zullo can
testify from “personal knowledge” regarding this part of the “investigation” or if Jerome Corsi is the only


The Fogbow, March 2012, “SPECIAL REPORT: The Cold Case Posse Preliminary Report, OR Shurff Joe's Got
Nothing New Under the Arizona Sun,” http://www.thefogbow.com/special-reports/first-arpaio-press-conference/

“In March 2012, Sheriff Arpaio held a Press Conference during which he and I presented an outline of
those aspects of the investigation that would not compromise the safety of witnesses or the integrity and
future course of the investigation. At that time, we had concluded that there was probable cause that
forgery and fraud had been committed in respect of four documents.: the long form or original birth
certificate for Mr [sic] Obama which contained multiple errors and anomalies, many of them serious; the
short form computer generated abstract of Mr [sic] Obama’s birth record that the Democratic Party had
published in 2007, which was printed using a form of words not current at the relevant date; the
selective-service document for Mr [sic] Obama which contained a two-digit year-stamp contrary to
specifications written by the Department of Defense to the respect, that the year of issue should be
expressed in four digits on the stamp, and contrary to any other selective-service registration document
that we have been able to examine; and we are aware that the social security number, which has a prefix
that at the date of issue was unique to Connecticut even though Mr [sic] Obama has never resided in the


“In an attempt to verify whether or not Mr [sic] Obama and his mother had arrived in the United States
at or around the alleged date of his birth, we contacted the National Archives to obtain microfilms of the
I-94 immigration landing records for the year 1961. All such records were and are available for the entire
year of 1961, except for those on the alleged date of Mr [sic] Obama’s birth (August 4), three days before
that date, and three days after that date. The Archivist and his staff did not tell us how the missing
records came to be lost, and offered no hope that they would ever come to light.”

The Annotated Zullo


one who can do so. But laying that aside for now, the affidavit’s account leaves out some rather salient

First, in the March 22, 2012 article at WND58

where Corsi gave his account of this research, he reveals
that they were looking at international flights arriving in Hawai‘i and New York and it is only the records
for Hawai‘i that are incomplete, not those from New York. Unfortunately for the birther theory, all
travelers originating in Kenya would have arrived through New York in 1961. So the gap in Hawaiian
records is irrelevant. It seems further clear that the Obamas were not found in the New York records
since Corsi has not reported what would otherwise be the gun to end all birther smoking guns.

Second, the “missing week” was also missing from the original microfilm which the National Archives
told Corsi had been made in August of 1961. So unless the MCCCP theory is that Barack Obama was the
subject of a conspiracy to conceal his ineligibility for the presidency when he was still less than one
month old, no nefarious motive can seriously be attached to the fact that the information is missing.

Third, the claim here that “the Archivist and his staff did not tell us how the missing records came to be
lost” is directly contradicted by Corsi’s account in the WND article. In that version, the archivist wrote
Corsi a letter in which she explained that “the missing data was due to poor quality control that allowed

multiple cards to be fed through a document feeder and become bunched together, obscuring the
images underneath.” Her account is supported by the microfilms themselves where, as Corsi
acknowledges, “a few bunched records are observed at the end of Reel 184.” This is exactly the point at
which the gap in records commences.

It goes without saying that Corsi & Zullo do not accept this explanation. It is blatant falsehood, however,
to assert that no explanation was provided.

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