Unit2: Secret Lairs- Character Bible

Character's Profile:

The Secret Agent is dressed as an electric man, he is on a mission to reveal confidential information, spy on the electrical city's rulers and pass the information to earth to find out how they are gonna get the city back. He should charge himself in order to maintain his cover( transparent electrical dress which should be charged in order to cover his human appearance). The secret agent has got experience in previous missions and knows how to hide his identity by not talking about his life but by inventing another identity. In addition to that, he is a very wise man and well equipped for his job and uses very costly materials and high technology knowing that technological singularity dominates the city, however the machine he uses to charge his dress causes him some pain due to the amount of electricity it absorbs and

this leads him to momentary unconsciousness and pain. The more effort he puts in his work the less his electrical dress maintains his identity. Gaining control over the city and taking revenge on the robots who massacred the city's habitants is his big motivation. Character Influence map:

The bottom image on the left is from the movie "Crank high voltage" which is about a man who after an accident got his heart replaced by an artificial one that needs to get charged with electricity in order for him to stay alive, my secret agent's dress idea is inspired by this film. I tried to link this idea to my character's dress by making it an electric dress which needs to be charged in order to keep his identity covered.

Both images on the top and bottom right are from the movie: the Tron Legacy which gave me an idea about what my character would look like after his dress is charged. Concerning the image in the bottom left, it gave inspiration for the electrical effect that might happen during charging the dress. These are few thumbnails I have done to have an idea about my character: