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Four Basic Principal's of numerology

Four Basic Principal's of numerology


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Published by ruralkiller
to help educate you on numerology....i have read a little bit of it and it does ahve a new age sound to it...doesnt mean all info in here is wrong...
to help educate you on numerology....i have read a little bit of it and it does ahve a new age sound to it...doesnt mean all info in here is wrong...

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Published by: ruralkiller on Dec 14, 2012
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golly, Householder, I can not substantiate my theories, but you

substantiate them by figures." The sun is the law of my be-

ing. My solar plexus is the law of my being. My brain does

not tell me when I want corn beef and cabbage and a little

vinegar on the cabbage; my brain has nothing to do with it.

The mucuous membrane is here that furnishes the saliva which

tells me when I am hungry and my mouth waters when I smell

corn beef and cabbage, or ham and cabbage. The vibrations

go to my solar plexus and I know when I am hungry, and my

brain furnishes the power to take me to my meals.
We say solar plexus is the seat of the conscience, because

conscience is the law of all the vibrations in the universe, be-

cause all the knowledge is referred right back to the individual

brain. You knew you were doing things wrong, although you

never had any experience in it. You get the hunch from the

universal ether coming in on you. Other people know it, so

you know it

—you get the hunch. Whenever certain of your
brain cells come together they come together according to the

law, and if it is wrong that they should come together, there

is a fight going on, then you are certain to hear a voice telling

you not to do it—that is conscience. Solar plexus is the seat

of vibration—the center. In gross volume the solar plexus is

more than the conscience. Now we take those two words and

put them together. Here we have the solar plexus, which

is the center of my being.
Now everything that is outside and subject to the sun or
the life of the sun in the heavens, so also everything that per-

tains to me and to my life is subject to the law of my attrac-

tion—my attraction is my solar plexus, or nerves



5 5 9 4 5 1

Now then, the lesson that you are to draw from this propo-

sition is that you know that a thought strikes you in the ob-

jective and if not recognized and held for an instant, never

goes to the subjective or to the sub-conscious or to the solar

plexus. The solar plexus has nothing to do but be the attrac-



tive center—magnetic center, and it draws all of these vibra-

tions to this center. Now we are going to take first



2 9 19 5 1










Consciousness is on the surface and sub-consciousness is
beneath the surface. That that we are conscious of is potent

or open to our senses and to all of our senses. That that we

are not yet made aware of is underneath the hidden or subtle

force, which is the sub-conscious, over which we have nothing

to do and with which we can do nothing ; when we have sent it
from the objective and the subjective down into the sub-con-

scious it is vibration, power, creation, matrix and all. Now

they say that the sub-conscious is the matrix—the mother of

all things. Concentration then is the way to reach the sub-

conscious. If a thought that is good is held long enough for
you to analyze it, you can place it over on the subjective side

of your brain and subject it to any analysis you wish, when it

strikes your objective brain. Having analyzed it and found

it was good, if you will concentrate on the thought and build

it into its material equivalent by visionizing the thing that you

want, it then goes down to the sub-conscious. You have start-
ed the vibration down the spinal column to the base of the

brain and whether you will or not, you have to reap the harv-

est, because you have sown the seed.
Now the subjective mind is that that has a point in view.

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