Berikut adalah senarai part. no utk enjin b series... dgn adanya part. no.

senang la kita nk beli brg kat kedai sparepart..... Water Pump 19200-P30-003 Head Gasket 12251-P30-014 Oil Control Orifice O-ring 15142-PH3-003 Intake Manifold Gasket 17105-P30-004 Exhaust Manifold Gasket 18115-P30-013 Throttle Body Gasket 16176-PR3-010 PCV valve 17130-PM6-G01 Timing Belt 14400-PR3-004 Alternator Belt [I used a NAPA 25-040300] Tensioner 14510-P30-003 Thermostat 19301-P08-305 (same) Connecting Pipe O-rings (2) 91314-PH7-003 Cap & Rotor Assembly 06303-PR4-000 Rotor (If needed seperately) 30103-PR3-016 Clutch Cable 22910-SK7-A02 Throttle Cable 17910-SK7-A03 Cam Seals (2) 91213-PR3-004 Oil pan seal 11251-P30-004 94 Oil Pump (comes with crank seal) 15100-PR3-024 Oil Filter 15400-POH-305 Oil Pick Up Gasket 15221-PW0-S01 Shift linkage bushing 54303-SB2-010 pilot bearing >91006-634-008 throwout bearing>22810-PS1-015 crank seal 91212-PR3-003 rear main seal 91214-PH1-004 Valve cover grommets (8) 90442-P30-000 Spark Plug O rings (4) 12342-P66-000 Rubber plug for exhaust cam tranny side Spark Plugs (4) BKR6E-N11 NGK Spark Plug Wires 32722-PR4-A01 Upper Radiator Hose 19501-PR3-000 Lower Radiator Hose 19502-PR4-A00 FOR HOSES:Two NAPA #8561 will work if cut right.. Bypass Hose (Thermostat) 19508-P08-000 Washer for coolant drain on block 90401-PR4-000 Other info found:----?????? Axles (S1 intermediate shaft) Integra '90-'91, any make (non-ABS). Throttle Cable '90-'91 Integra, any model. Part # 17910-SK7-A03 (Acura) Clutch Cable '88-'91 CRX Si, may require modification to fit. Shift Linkage + Torque Rod '90-'93 Integra, requires modification to fit, or buy pre-cut (highly advised) Clutch Disc Integra non-GSR, '90-'91. Clutch Plate Integra non-GSR, '90-'91 (?????) Throwout/release bearing Integra GSR, '92-'93 (?????) Flywheel bearing Integra GSR, '92-'93 (?????) Cam seal endplug Part # 12513-P30-000 Oil Filter Integra GSR, '92-'93. Valvecover Gasket Part # 12341-PR3-000. Oil Pan Gasket Part # 11251-P30-004 Intake Manifold Gasket Part # 17105-P30-004, Exhaust Manifold Gasket Part # 18115-P30-013, Rear coolant hose (IACV?) Part # 19507-PR3-000 (Honda)

Cam Seals Part # 91213-PR3-013 (Honda) Cam seal endplug Part # 12513-P30-000 (Honda) Spark plug tower seals Part # 12342-PG6-000 (Honda) Valve cover grommets Part # 90442-P30-000 (Honda) Timing belt cover gasket Part # 11831-PR3-000 (Honda) Head gasket del Sol VTEC '94+ Fuel injector O-rings Part # 91301-PM7-003, Fuel injector rail cushions Part # 16473-PD6-000, Distributor Cap and Rotor Integra non-VTEC kit from Acura ('90-'91 Integra LS) Part # 06303-PR4-000 Water Pump Part # 19200-P30-003, from a '92-'93 Integra GSR. Front + Rear Crank Seal Integra GSR, '92-'93. Throttle body gasket Integra LS, '90-'91 (????). del Sol VTEC does NOT fit. IACV seal CRX Si, part # 36455-PR4-A01 IACV CRX Si Upper + Lower Radiator Hose del Sol VTEC, '94+. Timing Belt Part # 14400-PR3-004, del Sol VTEC '94+. Spark Plugs Part # BKR6E-11 (NGK copper) GAP: 0.039-0.043 Rear Transmission Bracket Part # 50827-SK7-020, '90-'93 Integra non-VTEC (80% sure) Coolant hose, back of block to intake manifold Part # 19507-PR3-000, del Sol VTEC '94+. utk lebih lanjut pasal part no. bleh klik bwh ni:

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