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Are leaders Born or made by Mian Raees Umar raza.

Are leaders Born or made by Mian Raees Umar raza.

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Published by: Raees Umar on Dec 14, 2012
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Are Leaders Born or Made? Research article on leadership by Mian Raees Umar Raza Email: islam101@live.

com Cell: 0092-333-4503445. This is a research on INITIAL Basis about answering a main question, “Are leaders born or made?” A sub-question in the answer of the above-mentioned question is, “What makes leader a Leader?” This research is purely done by me and detailed research and observation have be en conducted along with reference evidences have been provided. Basics of this t opic were studied in our Book of P3 (Business Analysis) of ACCA and additional d etails are given here. Note: Before reading this article it should be kept in mind that exceptions exis ts in all cases but those exceptions does not fulfill the Objective/vision for w hich they were struggling to aspire. Are Leaders Born or Made? Leaders are a Born and also Made but both of them have one thing in common that “They struggle to aspire their vision and objectives” · When leaders are born they are called “REVEALATIONARY LEADERS” and this only include s PROPHETS (Peace.Be.Upon.Them). The only Born leader which aspired his vision a mongst all other Born Leaders is PROPHET MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him). The born leader work under the divine guidance from the supreme force i.e. ALLAH (All Mighty). All the Vision, Mission, Objective, Strategies, Past, Present and Future are told to Him through revelation, through which he is always in a pree mptive attacking mode. He reshapes society, fight wars, creates a gigantic/mammo th scenario and creates a team which will not only fulfill the objective of His birth in His apparent life but also after His apparent life and also transfer th at objective throughout generations which will not only change the picture of fu ture but that picture will continue to change in His favor. Those who do not follow His footsteps are doomed and those who follow His footst eps wholeheartedly live forever; even the state of death will be the real life f or His followers. His followers acts as a Hands and Arms of ALLAH. They don’t desi re for this mundanic materialistic things except which are minimum necessary req uired and give the excess in charity. They feel the world is a prison for them a nd in death lies the real life; this is one of the keys to their success. Their priority is not to reshape and beautify the external universe with materialistic desires but beautify the internal and external universe, to its zenith, with th e wisdom and beautiful teaching given to them by their leader. They act as a Fat eologists and change the fate of people and in their hands lies the destiny of t he nations. People under their regime are bound to destine by the fate they deci de. With in their circle they are like a silk and when there is a clash of good and evil they are like a solid metal wall. They are like shining stars in the ni ght, guiding travelers in night and like a bright glowing sun in the day, which gives energy to the globe. Ever glowing here one descend their other rises. They are worshippers of ALLAH in the nights and the warriors of battlefield in the d aytime. In their lifetime they uses supernatural mysterious forces to conquer th is universe and this whole universe wax for them and they can mold that in any s hape they want. What should I say about them they are mysterious people whom no one of their era is able to understand and nobody after their era is able to ach ieve that what they have achieve but a portion of their achievement. This leader brings the forces of evil and good in a state of rivalry, lead good forces, eliminate evil forces and continue expanding the good forces and the bou ndaries of his state. This leader does not waste His time in arguing with people but convinces them through His teaching and high moral character. He continuous ly reforms His followers, changes the laws prevailing in the society and forms a society, which is the center of gravity in this universe forever. The only example of a leader by birth and His followers who fulfilled the object

ive of His birth is Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him), Khulafah-E-Rashadeen(_ _____________), Taabaeen(_______________), Atba-Tabaeen (___________________) and who followed them. This leader uses his resources in the most efficient and effective way and achie ves the IMPOSSIBLE and passed this legacy to his followers. His succession plann ing remains forever. No matter what the evil forces try to do against Him, they failed miserably in past and in front of His Excellency, supremacy and honor and will fail miserably in future. Note: There are no exceptions to leaders by birth and if exceptions are tried to create they are crushed in the initial stage and if that exception continues to grow they start working against their own Real leader and follow that exception i.e. Artificial leader which don’t even have a relation to their Real leader but when the descendent of this artificial leader came to know the truth they repent and start following the Real leader for example mirza ghulam ahmad qadiani clai med to be prophet but failed miserably now his followers are working against Pro phet Muhammad (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) and are being exposed and playing in the hands of enemies. Now when the grandson came to know the truth about his grandfather that he was a false prophet he accepted ISLAM. · When leaders are made they are made through the following two processes 1. Self-made 2. Third Party Made Self-made leaders are Revolutionary/Charismatic/transformational leaders and thi rd part made leaders are transactional leaders. Note: when a transformational leader “Borrows Vision” from a third source he falls i n the middle of transformational and transactional type and he fulfill both the duties of transformational and transactional leaders and I will give the name to this leader who borrows vision from a third source is “Pro-Visionary Leader”. These pro-visionary are the followers of Leaders by Birth; Reveleationary Leaders. Th e opponents of pro-visionary leaders shall be called “Anti-Visionary Leaders” as the y are not against the pro-visionary leaders on the basis that they are leaders b ut they are against the provisionary leaders on the basis that if that vision is fulfilled their existence will be in danger. Example include Sultan Muhammad Fa teh (_____________________) and Baa Yazeed Yaldaram (______________________) who borrowed and followed the vision of Prophet Muhammad (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) and tr ied to capture Constantinople, modern day Turkey. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinn ah borrowed vision of Allama Iqbal and made Pakistan. Before I answer a question of are leaders made? And they are self-made leaders, I need to answer one more question one more question to solve this problem. “What makes leader a Leader?” The answer to this question is leaders who are self-made have a relation with 5 variables, 1. Zodiac signs and environmental information. 2. Geographical location. 3. Status and Background. 4. Physical Body Characteristics. 5. Characteristics of a Nation. Note: These 5 things have a relation with all types of leader including exceptio ns. 1. Zodiac signs and environmental information As earth revolves around the sun and completes one lap in 365 days. These 365 da ys are divided in 12 zodiac signs, 4 seasons/weather and 12 months. Zodiac signs are as follows, S/no 1 Months Season Zodiac Signs and dates January Winter Aries (21March-20April)

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

February March Spring April Spring May Spring June Summer July Summer August Summer September October Autumn November December

Winter Taurus (21April-21May) Gemini (22May-21June) Cancer (22June-22July) Leo (23July-22Aug) Virgo (23Aug-23Sep) Libra (24Sep-23Oct) Scorpio (24Oct-22Nov) Autumn Sagittarius (23Nov-21Dec) Capricorn (22Dec-20Jan) Autumn Aquarius (21Jan-19March) Winter Pieces (20Feb-20March)

Rule: Your Nature determines your behavior and the nature is determined by the i nformation gathered at the time of the birth. A person born in different parts of the year will have different nature and beha vior. His nature and behavior will not be determined by the zodiac sign which be longs to him but the zodiac sign will have a particular environment in its perio d and a person born in that period of zodiac sign will gather information from h is environment at the time of his birth and that information will determine his nature and behavior which will be carried throughout his life. When a person is inside the womb of his mother he have indirect relation with hi s environment. When he comes out from the womb of his mother his direct connecti on with the environment starts immediately. He will collect information from his environment for example air, heat and cold temperature, smell of his mother and father, sounds, light etc. these are the things which determines his nature and will be carried throughout his life, and he will behave accordingly to his natu re, from the information which he gathered at the time of his birth. The evidenc e to this is when a baby is in the hands of his mother or father he never cries but when he is in the hands of some other relative he starts crying and when he returns back to his mother he stops crying and due to that information gathered at the time of his birth he is able to identify his parents even at the time of his birth. For example, people born in the period of Taurus are calm, content with what the y have, authoritative, dominant in nature and aspire dominance, loving, caring, determined to work had…etc this is the nature which is determined by the informati on gathered by him at the time of his birth which is carried on throughout his l ife. Like Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) was Taurus born on 20 April 570 A .D. Note: Exceptions are not observed until now and need more detailed research and observation. 2. Physical body Characteristics Rule: The Physical characteristics/appearance of his body determines the qualiti es and abilities. There is a Hadith of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) which says, “People shorter than Ali (R.A) are Wicked (sharer_________) and people taller than Umar (R.A) are stupid (ahmaq____________)” This Hadith is sufficient evidence to prove the rule mentioned above. Reference from the history is as follows. There was a man called Maad-e-Yakrab(___________ ____) at the time or Umar (R.A) rule. He was a very brave man and his body was q uite big and his hands were quiet big; as people with long hands are brave and s trong but they lack leadership qualities, Umar (R.A) use to put his hands with h is hands and used to say to him “which will be that mother who gave you birth” Maade-Yakrab took part in many bettles with Khalid-ibn-e-Waleed and Umar (R.A) sent orders to Khalid-ibn-e-waleed “not to give him the command of any unit he shall fi ght alone” Another evidence is that if we look at the Foot Print of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace .Be.Upon.Him) in Topkapi musean Istanbul, Turkey, it does not look like a footpr int of a normal human. As Prophets (Peace.Be.Upon.them) have different physical body characteristics and they can be recognized by their body parts as some peop

le have accepted ISLAM just by looking at the face of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be .Upon.Him) and witnessed that this face can not be of a false person. Not every person is capable of performing leadership tasks. It is not because he cannot do it, it is because of his body characteristics that shape his qualitie s and abilities. If he takes leadership as a challenge he still can perform the duties of a leader but he will not be able to take it to the ultimate conclusion of his vision. As a leader will have unique physical characteristics which will determine his qualities, abilities and type of leadership. Example includes Yaz eed son of Amir Muaavia (R.A). His regime lasted for Four years only (676-680 A. D). His body characteristics of such a type that does not support leadership rol e for him. He was more closer to a luxurious person than a leader. 3. Geographical location The geographical location will also determine the unique characteristics/commitm ent towards his goals and vision. The geographical location will determine the g oal/mission of his life. For example, i. Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) was born in MAKKAH. His activities were centered only in the region of HIJAZ; MAKKAH, MADINA, KHAYBER, TABOOK, TAIF…e tc, but the location where he was born is the center of the earth also determine s the center of gravity for the whole world and vision of ISLAM is to supercede all other religions in this globe. ii. Sultan SALAH-UD-DIN AYOOBI was a Kurd not an Arab. His vision and his ac tivities were only limited to capture Philistine and bring it back into Muslim o ccupation. iii. Sultan Muhammad Fateh and Baa Yazeed Yaldaram were born in Turkey both o f these leaders tried to fulfill the Hadith of the Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Up on.Him) which says “Surely you will capture Constantinople, what a wonderful general he will be and w hat a wonderful army that will be” Both of these leaders tried to capture Constantinople (modern day Istanbul). Sul tan Baa Yazeed Yaldaram failed but sultan Muhammad Fateh Succeeded. Exceptions can exist to this as Richard the lion heart who was the king if Engla nd at the time of Sultan Salah-ud-din Ayoobi. He counter attacked sultan but fai led miserably to recapture Philistine back into Christian occupation. Another ex ample regarding this variable is that Arabs tried to capture Constantinople, Abu -Ayoob Ansari, Ameer Muawiah, yazeed…etc but they were not able to achieve the vis ion. The reason for this exception is that they are not completely aware of the geographical factors that surround a particular geographical location.

4. Characteristics of a Nation The characteristics of a nation also play a vital role for leader fulfilling his vision and objectives. The characteristics of a nation also determine the forei gn objectives of a leader. For example, Arabs were a warrior nation, which lead to the objective of fulfill ing the vision of capturing Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and all other lands capture d by Arabs. Today they are no more a warrior nation they are involved in activit ies that not be fruitful to them in future. Today Afghanis are a warrior nation fighting for last 100 years that lead them to make happen the fall of the Russia n empire and still fighting Americans for more than a decade. Their characterist ics is similar to Arabs which were at the time of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upo n.Him) which will in future give them a fruitful result and there is also a Hadi th of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) which gives a prophecy regarding toda y Afghan Taliban which says, “Black flag army will come from Khurasan(modern day Afghanistan), no power on eart h will be able to stop them, when you hear about that army go and join that army even if you have to crawl over the ice”

5. Statuses and Background Status and background will also affect the leadership fulfilling his role of lea dership and styles of leadership. i. Leader from a particular background and status will fulfill the objectiv es relating to his background. ii. Majority of the leaders in the world are from noble families and this de termines his objective and vision that he achieves in his life. For example i. Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) was from Quresh. Leaders of MAKKAH and best family amongst Arabs. ii. Muhammad Bin Qasim, relative of Hajjaj-Ibn-e-Yusuf, was a governor of a city at the age of 14 and capture India at the age of 16. iii. Nawaz sharif is from a business class he will do what is good for busine ssmen. iv. Zardari is from a fuderal background he is fulfilling the objective of h is fuderal system that is why you see present Pakistan in this state. v. Zia-ul-Haq was from a military and religious background he called upon f or Jihad, broke Russia and made Objective resolution a part of constution. vi. Musharaf was from a military background he did what benefit army the mos t. vii. Shokat aziz was from a financial background he did what is best for fina nce. Exceptions also exist this for example UMAR MUKHATAR was a school teacher in Lib ya he fought a Gorilla war against French and Italy in the binging of 1900 at th e time of Ottoman Empire rule but he was not able to fulfill the objectives of t he Gorilla warfare. After having answered the question “what makes leader a leader?” lets see what a Sel f-struggle leader is. Self Made When leaders are made through self-struggle series of events have taken place th roughout their life, which lead them to become leaders. All 5 variables mentione d above plus a series of events compel them to take command of a nation. The ser ies of event will differ from individual leader to leader but what is common amo ngst the events which takes place in their life, their scope is determined by th e 5 variables mentioned above, they see come thing is happening Wrong and the di rection is also wrong. They create/fill the gap and do what is right and change the direction of the nation. Self-made leaders have the vision and they spend their life in achieving/fulfill ing their vision and is self-made leaders don’t have a vision they will only work for themselves and try to maintain Status Quo and after them leadership become i nheritance of their family and it is fir their own survival to maintain the Stat us Quo. Visionary leaders go for change and decentralization of power, authority and resources but non-visionary leaders go for centralized system. Example include at present Zulfiqar ali bhutto, Zardari, Imran Khan Nazwz Sharif…e tc. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Imran Khan, Zaid Hamid are self-made, vision oriente d, change bringer, breaking status quo…comparatively zardari, nawaz sharif, bacha khan…etc are without vision, status quo desired and transferring their politics to their children like hamza shahbaz, bilawal bhutto…etc as political leadership is their inheritance and now trying to maintain status quo for their survival. Third Party Made When the third party makes leaders they will be imposed on the people of their c ountry. The five variables described above are essential for a leader, will be m issing either one or few of them will be missing. They don’t have any vision, they want status quo to be established or destroyed. They will and will not work for themselves but they will also serve the purpose of the third party, which made them leaders.

When third party makes leader it also depends that third party is on which side i.e. Positive or Negative. These sides will define their jobs. The third party s hall be called “Player” and the leader imposed shall be called “Actor/Toy” and the playe r plays a game through the actor/toy. These actors will be used by player and in result create a long-term impacts, events and justifications for future. The only difference between positive and negative player is that at the end nega tive force player disposes off their toys/actors and positive force player do no t. For example Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was made leader by ALLAMA IQBAL who created Pakistan. Mir Jafar & Mir Sadaq were created by east India company who killed Tipu Sultan and at the end both of these were disposed off by their player. Saddam Hussain, Qazafi, Husan-e-Mubarak, Bashar-ul-Asad, all the Saudi Kings aft er Shah Faisal, Hamid qarzai…etc were created by USA who is fulfilling the objecti ves of USA in the region. At the end their creator as a reward for their service killed these people. To b e a player and to play with toys player need to be very strong. Indeed this was a small effort for initial research on leadership of more detail ed research is conducted more accurate opinion can be drawn a particular leader. The End

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