eMOtiOnAl cPr

Discomfort, crisis and vulnerability are inevitable in any relationship. It is something we encounter frequently: a friend who is crying or not responding when communicated with, a person who is acting out of fear, someone with extreme agitation or even someone who is self-injuring or hurting themselves. Vulnerability presents itself to us every day; the question is how will we respond? This was the overarching theme of the four-day training that we recently had the privilege of attending in Singapore. Emotional CPR (eCPR) is a public health education program based on hope aimed towards building strong, resilient, cooperative communities. The training is to prepare people with life skills to assist and support friends, family or even strangers through emotional discomfort/crisis. This training was developed by people who have learned from their own personal experience of emotional crisis and recovery. Lead trainers Dr. Daniel Fisher and Sam Ahrens, both have a lived experience of recovery. Daniel who became a psychiatrist after being diagnosed with schizophrenia is a role model for peers worldwide. The participant group consisted of psychologists, counsellors and peers who all found the process to be new, hopeful and empowering through participating in discussion and real plays. In brief, eCPR is a heart-to-heart connection that can save lives by lessening emotional despair and assisting people to move through crisis. There are three main elements of eCPR; to Connect with compassion and concern to open up communication, to emPower in order to experience passion, purpose and participate in planning and to Revitalise one’s sense of belonging through re-establishing equilibrium and reconnecting to relationships, routines and roles. The goal is to train people to assist others through an emotional crisis and to make this practice accessible to people around the world. To contact Sharon or Vinnay email them at: ECPRaustralia@gmail.com


Queensland Alliance for Mental Health