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Product & Marketing Specialist EFFECTS OF ABNORMAL CONDITIONS ON ACCURACY OF ORIFICE MEASUREMENT Thomas B. Engineering Consultant FIELD EXPERIENCES WITH GAS TURBINE METERS Daniel J. Transco Gas Pipeline FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS MEASUREMENT III (Class 1160) James W. Oklahoma Natural Gas EFFECTS AND CONTROL OF PULSATION IN GAS MEASUREMENT (Class 1090) Royce Miller. Jr. Strong. American Meter Company FUNDAMENTALS OF ORIFICE METER CHART RECORDERS David E. FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS MEASUREMENT I (Class 1140) Doug Dodds. Keating. 38 43 47 52 56 62 Pulley. Morrow. Inc. Metron Gas Measurement (Class 1180) 68 INSTALLATION AND OPERATION ERRORS IN GAS MEASUREMENT Walt Seidl. Invensys Energy Metering 22 (Class 1100) 29 (Class 1110) 35 FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES of DIAPHRAGM DISPLACEMENT METERS (Class 1120) Robert Bennett.. Tennessee Gas Pipeline CARBON DIOXIDE MEASUREMENT EXPERIENCE David Beitel. Dresser. American Meter Company FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF ROTARY DISPLACEMENT METERS (Class 1130) Ron L.D. Rudroff. "Rusty" Woomer. Duke Energy FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS TURBINE METERS (Class 1170) Robert Bennett. CEESI (Class 1190) 71 VI . TXU Pipeline Services (Class 1060) 17 DESIGN OF DISTRIBUTION METERING AND REGULATING STATIONS Eddie Collins. Duke Energy FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS MEASUREMENT II (Class 1150) Jerry Paul Smith.INDEX of PAPERS GAS MEASUREMENT BASICS OF HIGH PRESSURE MEASURING AND REGULATION STATION DESIGN (Class 1010) 1 E. Davis and Davis (Class 1020) 8 Company COPING WITH CHANGING FLOW REQUIREMENTS AT EXISTING METER STATIONS (Class 1050) James 15 Doyle.

CEESI WET GAS MEASUREMENT Tom Company (Class 1310) 115 (Class 1320) 121 Kegel. lnc . CPL & Associates AUTOMATED TRUCK LOADING SYSTEM (Class 2030) Dale A. CEESI LIQUID MEASUREMENT APPLICATION OF DENSITOMETERS TO LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Class 2010) Mike Pntchard. LaNasa. (Class 1200) Pierre Trolin. Instromet. Durke & Robert McKee. Southwest Research Institute ORIFICE METER OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE Jeff 98 101 (Class 1270) (Class 1280) 106 Meredith. Hydrocarbon Measurement Consultant CALCULATION OF LIQUID PETROLEUM QUANTITIES BY STATIC METHODS (Class 2060) Bob Dix. Micro Motion. Kosewicz. Invensys Metering Systems ORIFICE FITTINGS AND METER TUBES (Class 1250) Rod Dent. TXU Pipeline Services 109 OVERALL MEASUREMENT ACCURACY OF DISPLACEMENT METERS Robert Bennett. Measurement Consultant CALIBRATION OF STORAGE TANKS 145 151 (Class 2070) M J Yeandle. American Meter THERMOMETRY IN MEASUREMENT Josha Kinney. 129 (Class2020) 136 141 Bohman. Thermo Measurement. Lakehead Pipeline Company 157 VII .MASS METERS FOR GAS MEASUREMENT Tim Patton. Parkhne Arrow ORIFICE METER GAUGE LINE DISTORTIONS (Class 1260) Ray G. lnc ON SITE PROVING OF GAS TURBINE METERS 80 (Class 1220) 86 (Class 1240) 93 Daniel J Rudroff. FMC Measurement Solutions CALCULATION OF LIQUID PETROLEUM QUANTITIES BY DYNAMIC MEASUREMENT (Class 2050) Peter W. APPLICATION OF TURBINE METERS IN LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Panel) Paul J. 76 MEASUREMENT STATION INSPECTION PROGRAM AND GUIDE (Class 1210) Bob Rau. Daniel Industries. Consultant MULTI-PATH ULTRASONIC FLOWMETERS FOR GAS MEASURMENT Jim Bowen. Inc. Ltd.

Saybolt lnc NEW IDEAS IN LIQUID MEASUREMENT 253 (Class 2320) 260 Galen Cotton. D. TESTING AND RUNNING OF LEASE TANKS (Class 2200) David Shurtz. Poynter. Measurement Consultant LEAK DETECTION ON PETROLEUM PIPELINES 213 217 (Class 2210) 222 Wesley G. 249 MEASUREMENT OF LARGE LIQUID VOLUMES BY TURBINE METERS (Class 2300) Harold Osborne. LOOP MEASUREMENT OF PETROLEUM ON BOARD MARINE VESSELS (Class 2310) Robert W. Measurement Consultant MASS MEASUREMENT OF NATURAL GAS LIQUID MIXTURES Fred VanOrsdol. - METERING VS. Vortab Company (Class 2140) 182 ETHYLENE MEASUREMENT James E. ABB Automation. Williams (Panel) (Class 2250) 226 Energy 234 MASS METERS FOR LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Class 2260) Simon Garner.CRUDE OIL GATHERING BY TRUCK Charles R. BP Amoco Pipeline Company MEASUREMENT METHODS FOR LIQUID STORAGE TANKS Jim 239 (Class 2290) 244 Gardner. MANUAL GAUGING (Class 2080) 165 Myers. FMC Measurement Solutions GAUGING. Gallagher. G.. Dix Services (Class 2170) 2180) 193 FUNDAMENTALS OF LIQUID MEASUREMENT III (Class Peter W. Kalivoda. Equilon Pipeline Company. Savant Measurement Corp. Petroleum Measuremtns Analyst FUNDAMENTALS OF LIQUID MEASUREMENT II Bob Dix. FMC Measurement Solutions (Class 2110) 168 DISPLACEMENT METERS FOR LIQUID MEASUREMENT James Henderson. Kosewicz. FMC Measurement Solutions EFFECTS OF FLOW CONDITIONING ON LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Class 2120) Don 175 Lungberg. Goldstraw. Schlumberger Measurement Division MEASUREMENT ACCURACY AND SOURCES OF ERROR IN TANK GAUGING (Class 2270) Stewart Ash. LLC LIQUID MEASUREMENT FIELD SURVEYS (Class 2205) Wesley G. Poynter. Inc. Caldon Instruments VIII . Poynter. Ph. 200 Hydrocarbon Measurement Consultants FUNDAMENTALS OF LIQUID TURBINE METERS (Class 2190) 206 Raymond J. 186 FUNDAMENTALS OF LIQUID MEASUREMENT I (Class 2160) W.

BASIC ELECTRONICS FOR FIELD TECHNICIAN Dale 319 (Class 3060) 324 Gary. Sheets. Inc. OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTODY TRANSFER LIQUID ULTRASONIC METERS (Class 2420) Warren A. Barry. COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS FOR GAS MEASUREMENT DATA (Class 3080) Tom 332 Cleveland. Inc. LLC STATISTICAL CONTROL OF METER FACTORS. Marathon Ashland Pipeline. FMC Measurement Solution IX 339 . Inc. Oklahoma Natural Gas 335 COMPUTER APPLICATION IN LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Class 3100) Peter P. Inc. PYCNOMETER Stan 270 INSTALLATION. Measurement Consultant THE DEVELOPMENT ROLE OF HELICAL TURBINE METERS (Class 2370) 290 Kyle M. TROUBLESHOOTING LIQUID PIPELINE LOSSES AND GAINS (Class 2380) 295 Wesley G. 301 308 ELECTRONIC MEASURING AND RELATED EQUIPMENT APPLICATION OF FLOW COMPUTERS FOR GAS MEASUREMENT & CONTROL (Class 3020) 313 Larry Quick. Solartron. Dynegy Midstream Services 278 RESOLVING LIQUID MEASUREMENT DIFFERENCES (Class 2350) Herbert H. ABB Automation. Measurement Consultant VISCOSITY & IT'S APPLICATION IN LIQUID HYDROCARBON MEASUREMENT (Class 2410) Gary Rothrock. ABB Automation. Parr. Garland. OPERATION. Gallagher. Enogex Inc. Faure Herman Meter. Jr. Thermo Flow Automation APPLICATIONS OF PORTABLE COMPUTERS AND SOFTWARE (Class 3030) Howard M. Jakubenas. Caldon Instruments (Class 2325) 264 ORIFICE METERS FOR LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Class 2330) James E. AND CALIBRATION (Class 2340) Canfield.ULTRASONIC FLOWMETERS FOR LIQUID MEASUREMENT Galen Cotton. 328 BASIC SCADA SYSTEMS Rick Kroeker. COMMUNICATION LOCATION TO MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT AT A GAS DISTRIBUTION (Class 3090) Chris Spriggs. Poynter. Poynter. (Class 3070) Enogex. Savant Measurement Corp.A SIMPLIFIED APPROACH (Class 2360) 282 284 Wesley G. Inc.

Inc. Inc. CALIBRATION. Thermo Flow Automation DESIGN. Meter Engineers. PROVING AND TESTING CALIBRATION OF LIQUID PROVERS William R. (Class 4020) Young Jr. Caldon. ABB Automation. Jordan. (Class 3120) Coats. (Class 4030) 391 COMPUTERS FOR LIQUID METER PROVING in CUSTODY TRANSFER 396 King Poon. Phoenix Contact.. CALIBRATION & OPERATION OF FIELD STANDARD TEST MEASURES (Class 4040) Richard C. CEESI 399 404 (Class4055) 408 X .ECONIMICS OF ELECTRONIC GAS MEASUREMENT Tom Cleveland. Measurement Dynamics (Class 3130) 348 IMPLEMENTATION OF A SCADA SYSTEM Roland Rollins. EFFECTIVE USE OF DEADWEIGHT TESTERS (Class 4050) Myles McDonough. Inc. Inc. MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF ELECTRONIC FLOW COMPUTERS (Class 3170) Jeff Goetzman. EG&G Chandler Engineering Company CALIBRATION OF ULTRASONIC FLOWMETERS William Johansen and Joel Clancy. 353 ON-LINE COMPUTERS FOR CUSTODY TRANSFER Allen Chandler. Reliant Energy-Entex THEORY OF ULTRASONIC FLOW MEASUREMENT-GASES AND LIQUIDS 370 (Class 3175) 374 Herb Estrada. Seraphin Test Measure Co. TXU (Class 3140) 357 Pipeline Services 360 REAL-TIME ELECTRONIC GAS MEASUREMENT (Class 3150) Randy R. TESTING. TRANSIENT LIGHTNING PROTECTION FOR ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT DEVICES (Class 3180) Patrick 382 McCurdy. EFFECTS OFCATHODIC PROTECTION & INDUCED SIGNALS ON LIQUID PIPELINE MEASUREMENT James R. (Class 3110) 345 Enogex. Page. Rosemount. Fisher Rosemount TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS (Class 3160) Eric 363 Wickberg. Inc. Inc.

Southwest Research Institute 432 LIQUID FLOW PROVERS (Conventional) (Class 4090) William R. 447 PROVING CORIOLIS FLOWMETERS (Class 4130) Mark K.. Sunoco THEORY & APPLICATION OF PULSE INTERPOLATION TO PROVER SYSTEMS Brad Lurie. AND SAMPLING BTU ANALYSIS USING A GAS CHROMATOGRAPH Dave (Class 5020) 467 Anders. Thurmond-McGlothlin. Ultramar Diamond Shamrock (Panel) (Class CT-4070) 425 ON-SITE GAS METER PROVING Edgar B. L. Daniel Measurement & Control BTU DETERMINATION OF NATURAL GAS USING A PORTABLE CHROMATOGRAPH (Class 5030) Robert Quattlebaum. OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE WITH SMALL VOLUME PROVERS Patrick J. Daniel Measurement & Control VERIFICATION/CERTIFICATION OF DEVICES USED IN LIQUID MEASUREMENT (Class 4140) 452 (Class 4150) Anne Brackett. Measurement Man (Panel) GUIDE TO TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEMS WITH LIQUID METERS & PROVER (Class 4060) 419 George L Lewis. Parr. Daniel Measurement & Control CHROMATOGRAPH APPLICATIONS & PROBLEMS FROM A USER'S STANDPOINT Robert L. Sun Pipeline Co. Meter Check OPERATION. 439 (Class 4110) 444 Rowell. Hanover Measurement Services XI . Inc. ENERGY. W. Meter Engineers. Bowles. Mid-America AND Pipeline 480 CHROMATOGRAPH MAINTENANCE Charlie TROUBLESHOOTING (Class 5050) Cook. Young. Inc. 471 (Class 5040) 475 (Bob) Armbruster. QUALITY. Jr. Walker 457 Company.GUIDE TO TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEMS WITH LIQUID METERS & PROVER (Class 4060) 414 Jerry Upton. Jr. Inc. Plantation Pipeline Co. AND PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH PROVER DETECTOR SWITCHES (Class 4100) Warren A. Vandiver. (Class 4160) 461 WITNESSING ORIFICE METER CALIBRATION AND FIELD TESTING Scott Smith. LIQUID METER PROVING TECHNIQUES (Class 4095) 435 Terry Houghton.

Inc. DETERMINATION OF H2S AND TOTAL SULFUR IN NATURAL GAS (Class 5090) 491 David Haydt. DEVICES FOR WATER VAPOR & HC DEW POINT MEASUREMENT Lawrence Drobnitch. (Class 5160) 518 Hydrocarbon Measurement Consultants 524 FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY (Class 5170) John Renfrow. 509 ENERGY MEASUREMENT USING FLOW COMPUTERS & CHROMATOGRAPHY (Class 5130) Ken Smith. Instromet. Kosewicz. Arrambide.CRUDE OIL SAMPLING FOR CUSTODY TRANSFER LC. HEAT QUALITY CALCULATION RELATING TO WATER VAPOR IN NATURAL GAS (Class 5190) Randy Underwood. Dillard. Corel Energy (Class 5235) 545 ON LINE WATER MEASUREMENT OF LIQUID PETROLEUM Steve Stewart. Colonial (Class 5240) 548 Pipeline Company SAMPLING SYSTEMS PROVING TESTS FOR ACCEPTANCE OF AUTOMATIC LIQUID (Class 5250) Jim Strawn. Inc. MEECO. Teppco Crude Pipeline NATURAL GAS SAMPLING UNCERTAINTIES AND ECONOMICS (Class 5230) David 539 Wofford. Inc. ABB Automation. Griffies. CRUDE QUALITY (Class 5070) 484 Equilon Pipeline Co. LIGHT HYDROCARBON LIQUID SAMPLING (Class 5200) 533 Systems. Strawn 553 Group xn . MEASUREMENT OF LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG) (Class 5210) 536 Doug Arrick. FIELD & LABORATORY TESTING OF Sediment & Water In Crude Oil Peter W. Inc. Inc. Galvanic Applied Sciences DETERMINATION OF WATER VAPOR & HYDROCARBON DEW POINT IN GAS (Class 5100) 497 Myles McDonough. YZ 527 Arkansas Western Gas Co. Mychajliw. Inc. Chandler Engineering DEVICES FOR WATER VAPOR & HC DEW POINT MEASUREMENT (Class 5110) 501 Borys J. Kam Controls PRODUCT QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR PIPELINE TRANSPORTATION Teresa Gustafson. Conoco. - WHAT IS INVOLVED & WHY IS QUALITY IMPORTANT (Class 5080) 487 Aaron L. (Class 5110) 505 Panametrics. Garrett Lalli. TXU Pipeline Services (Class 5150) 512 ENERGY MEASUREMENT USING ON-LINE CHROMAOGRAPHY Don W.

557 Mayeaux. Welker Engineering XIII 633 . Daniel Industries. Fisher Control PREVENTION OF FREEZING IN MEASURING AND REGULATING STATIONS David Wofford. AND OPERATION OF CONTROL VALVES FOR GASES AND LIQUIDS (Class 6110) Carol Branstetter. Southwest Research Institute SAMPLE CONDITIONING AND CONTAMINANT REMOVAL FOR WATER VAPOR CONTENT DETERMINATION IN NATURAL GAS (Class 5310) Brad 575 Massey. American Meter Co. Inc. YZ Systems. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF PILOT-OPERATED REGULATORS Robert Bennett. SIZING. SGS Control Services. American Meter Co. A+ Corporation 559 SHIPBOARD SAMPLING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY IN CUSTODY TRANSFER (Class 5270) Dan Comstock. Fisher Controls (Class 6030) 591 (Class 6050) 597 GAS SERVICE REGULATORS.SAMPLING AND CONDITIONING OF NATURAL GAS CONTAINING ENTRAINED LIQUIDS (Class 5260) Donald P. INSTALLATION. Williams Gas Pipeline CONTROL AND REGULATION CAUSES AND CURES OF REGULATOR INSTABILITY William H. Kruse (Class 6060) 603 6070) 608 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF REGULATORS (Class 6080) Robert Bennett. OVER PRESSURE PROTECTION METHODS Bill Hobson. Fisher Controls HIGH PRESSURE REGULATORS (Class John M. Inc. Hobson. 564 TECHNIQUES OF GAS COMPOSITE SAMPLING (Class 5280) Brad Barnes. SELECTION & OPERATION William L.1 RESEARCH (Class 5300) Eric Kelner. Fisher Controls International. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF SELF OPERATING REGULATORS Carol Branstetter. Fisher Control 628 TURBULENCE AND ITS EFFECT IN MEASURING AND REGULATING STATION (Class 6120) Tracy D. 613 (Class 6090) 620 (Class 6100) 625 Tejas Energy. 568 UPDATE ON GAS SAMPLING-API 14. Inc. 581 Earney. (Class 6010) Inc. CONTROLLING SURGES IN LIQUID PIPELINES Ron (Class 6020) 585 Kennedy. LLC SELECTION. Peebles.

(Class 7030) 649 (Class 7050) 655 Equiva Services. Thakral. (Class 7100) 666 Davis. Inc. Unocal AUDITING LIQUID MEASUREMENT Linda Larson. Southwest Research Institute XIV . SPL Inc. ANSI/API 2530 ON ORIFICE METER PRIMARY ELEMENTS 641 (Class 7020) 646 Ray Kendrick. Integrator Services MEASUREMENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS John E. North America - OVER VIEW OF API Jon (COPM) MEASUREMENT ACTIVITIES (Class 7120) Noxon. Inc. Daniel Measurement & Control AUDIT OF ELECTRONIC GAS MEASUREMENT Steve Baldwin. DOT QUALIFICATION TRAINING FOR MEASUREMENT TECHNICIANS 693 (Class 8040) 699 Jay Shiflet. MISCELLANEOUS DEVELOPMENT OF ORIFICE METER STANDARDS (PAST. PRESENT. Duke Energy (Class 7070) 662 ELECTRONIC CHART SCANNING AND RELATED EQUIPMENT Don Smith.1) (Class 7010) Raymond Gray. Premier Measurement Services THEORETICAL UNCERTAINTY OF ORIFICE FLOW MEASUREMENT (Class 7140) Zaki Husain. TXU Pipeline Services EFFECTS OF FLOW CONDITIONING ON GAS MEASUREMENT Darin (Class 8050) 702 George and Ed Bowles. FUTURE) (Class 8030) Zaki Husain. 659 CONVERSION FROM VOLUME TO ENERGY MEASUREMENT (Class 7060) Raddy S. Inc. CALCULATIONS AND INDUSTRY STANDARDS ALLOCATION MEASUREMENT (API MPMC Chapter 20.ACCOUNTING. Texaco. Intergen. American Petroleum Institute 669 REVIEW OF API/ANSI 2530 (AGA #3) (Class 7130) Ron Beaty. Texaco API CORIOLIS STANDARD FOR MASS MEASUREMENT OF CRUDE OIL Steve 673 680 (Class 7160) 687 Whitman. Coastal Flow Measurement.

Lievois. Premier (Class 8110) Instruments. Inc. Ametek INTERFACE DETECTION IN LIQUID PIPELINES 707 (Class 8065) 712 Christopher B. (Class 8120) 728 NATURAL GAS ODOR LEVEL TESTING: INSTRUMENTS & APPLICATIONS John E. These papers express the findings and opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the findings and opinions of the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM). (Class 8170) 747 THE ROLE OF BLM IN OIL AND GAS MEASUREMENT Sie Ling Chiang. Laird. Davis & Davis (Class 8070) 715 Company 722 ORIFICE METER TUBE DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES (Class 8100) Steve Stark. Inc. Colonial Pipeline Co. Stark & Associates MULTIPHASE FLOW MEASUREMENT John S. Chandler. Caldon. LPG ODORIZATION WITH AN AUDIT TRAIL David Beitel. XV . Furthermore. The inclusion of a manuscript does not imply endorsement or acceptance of a product therein. Rafferty. Commonwealth Gas PROGRAM FOR TRAINING A MEASUREMENT TECHNICIAN Allen N.INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION USING THE PNEUMATIC DEADWEIGHT TESTER (Class 8060) Roger Thomas. the material contained in this publication is for the exclusive use of International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement. Bureau of Land Management These proceedings are printed directly from manuscripts provided by their authors. Any reuse of this information outside the School without the expressed written consent of ISHM is strictly prohibited. TXU 734 (Class 8140) 738 Pipeline Services (Class 8160) 743 THE EFFECTS OF ADDITIVES ON METERING IN LIQUID PIPELINES Joe Rasmussen.