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young india

young india

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Published by Jermaine Wolfe

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Published by: Jermaine Wolfe on Dec 14, 2012
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Youth personifies caliber, potential, diligence, novelty and innovation.

Blatantly, we all concede the fact that the youth have a broad perception of things and if guided by well-versed hands, they have the caliber to trigger the whole dormant government mechanism and make it operational in the real sense. It’s time to stop blaming just our politicians for corruption and look within We love our India, but shouldnt some things be different? The problem is our own resignation. In very indian. Resignation from our duties as a an indian. We take the easy way out which is blaming the government. We have to be a part of the solution.

Thus, we notice that it is not just by sitting idly and criticizing the government that can bring a change. The first step is pick up your role and know it. The second step is to be good at your fundamental duty. If you’re a student, be an informed student, if you’re a teacher, be an inspiring teacher.

All of us feel bad, when someone from abroad comes and the roller coaster of stereotypical comparisons between the western countries and india starts. Just notice, those seemingly intelligent converstaions are not helping in any way. They are just adding to the clutter. I would go to the lenghths of saying that these kind of comparisons actually hold us back. We live in shameless times. When the long overdue self-reflection and shame strike us, India will be ready for change. We have seen many exposes on corrupt leaders lately; it is time we did an expose on ourselves.

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